• Sup guys, 

    So is Superboy Semi Immortal? 

    Semi Immortality- The Ability to never age.

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    • "I'm not immortal"

      Superboy, "Earthlings"

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    • He's half kryptonian and a clone. He doesn't age on the outside and just appears 16. And he can die.

      My guess is that he ages normally internally. The question is, does he age normally in human years, kryptonian years, or somewhere in between.

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    • Or like regular clones. Where the typical life's something like a year for what I assume to be something with a 8 year max average lifetime.

      So Supey has like 12 years. XD '

      This Comment is primarily humor-based. Do not take it literally.

      More likely, the latter on Branchl's point.

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    • That what the Justice League was arguing about; so maybe the creators dunno either.

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    • Aww dude that would suck "HAppy Twelveth Birthday Supey" then Splat! dead! LMAO!  I'm sorry I got a twisted since of humor. ignore me

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    • an anonymous contributor
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