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    So missing the point
    12:45, February 13, 2019

    I think we all already know the answers to at least half of the so-called "unanswered" questions.

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    • "The overall narrative of Young Justice is heavily reliant on twists, revelations and mysteries. Each plot raises several questions that will likely be revealed in future installments. The "Questions" section of episode and comics pages aims at keeping track of such mysteries and revelations." That's from the question-asking guidelines. Basically, it was to keep track of what was going on between hiatuses. However, it's obviously now outdated, given that the show is now being shown all at once on a streaming service and not on an episode-by-episode basis. Still, I like the Questions section for various reasons, so if you see an obvious unanswered question, just go ahead and answer it (if you can figure out how to do that, which I cannot).

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    • the answer to what baby is talia holding in Rescue Op is obviously Damian Wayne

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