New to DC Universe is a "behind-the-scenes" docu-series of the making of Outsiders, hosted by Whitney Moore, who also voices Courtney Whitmore this season. It features interviews with Greg and Brandon, other writers, the animators, voice actors, and post-production crew on the new season.

    I know some fans will want to watch it, but don't have DC Universe. If it's okay, I'll update this thread weekly with whatever new information is revealed in the coming episodes.

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    • They list 311 first as "Another Freak‎" by Mae Cat, then as "Home Fires" by Dubuc.

      But hey, Tornado Twins!

      The use of "mini arc four" on the front page of 311 seems to suggest the three episode blocks we get weekly will form one hour stories.

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    • Episode 1. Inside the Writer's Room

      Few things I caught:

      • New concept art of Plasmus/Plasma, Sensei, Zatanna, Cyborg (JL: War design, but who knows), Dick in tank top and sweats, Dick as Nightwing, Arsenal, Superboy, Tigress, Miss Martian, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Katana;
      • Lacey Chabert is back this season;
      • Brief glimpses at pages of the script for "Princes All";
      • First draft of "Princes All" was completed on February 07, 2017. Final draft on February 21, 2017;
      • Story wall for "Royal We" is readable;
      • Although they already had plans for season 3, Greg felt that they had to "resell the show" and re-introduce the characters this season while connecting to elements from the first two seasons;
      • The writer's room put every Young Justice character on the story wall and had to figure out what each of them had been up to since the end of last season;
      • Two new writers: Mae Catt and Francisco Paredes;
      • Greg says that one of the goals this season is the return to the spy motif (of season 1). A new focus on horror this season, too. ("Putting the Boogeyman back in the shadows", as Paredes describes it);
      • The writer's room discuss how they keep the show grounded. For this season, they choose the unsubtle metaphor of meta-human trafficking for human trafficking going on today, but put a "sci-fi spin on it". The two-year time jump also allowed them to explore the character's relationships at that point in their lives;
      • Glimpse at the animatics for Artemis's graveyard showdown in "Royal We";
      • Glimpse of a script page for an episode featuring Dick, Will Harper, and Jim Harper. Dick coming to them for help after the botched Markovia op;
      • Episode 11 is titled "ANOTHER FREAK" (fake out title?) and is written by Mae Catt and directed by Mel Zwyer. Forager is in this episode. Per the script, that'll be a part of the fourth mini-arc this season;
      • Episode 10 is titled "EXCEPTIONAL HUMAN BEINGS" (another?) written by Paredes and directed by Christopher Berkeley. Batman and the Outsiders in this episode;
      • Nicole Dubuc talks about the atmosphere in the writer's room. Describes it as very collaborative. She will also return as Iris West-Allen in episode 11.
      • Brief storyboard of episode 11 (here titled "HOME FIRES") featuring Bart babysitting his cousins;
      • Brandon discusses worldbuilding in the series through the press, for example GBS. Greg and Brandon do a brief recap of the opening of "Eminent Threat". Interestingly, Greg says that Cat Grant is interviewing Beast Boy, instead of Courtney Whitmore as we see in the final episode;
      • Brandon describes the "punch line" to sell the plot of this season, and how scary it is, is how the population views the abducted metas as monsters and fears what they can do. The heroes will have to fight to change the skewed public perception of metas and the Light's victims.

      Next week: Animation

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    • Tupka217 wrote: They list 311 first as "Another Freak‎" by Mae Cat, then as "Home Fires" by Dubuc.

      But hey, Tornado Twins!

      The use of "mini arc four" on the front page of 311 seems to suggest the three episode blocks we get weekly will form one hour stories.

      My guess is that they're fake titles to avoid spoilers, maybe. I mean, "Exceptional Human Beings"? That does even sound like a YJ episode title lol

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    • Sorry to break it to you (and possibly disappoint you) but those titles are real. And there are worse titles than that.

      Regular Guy wrote:

      • Brief storyboard of episode 11 (here titled "HOME FIRES") featuring Bart babysitting his cousins;

      They made a mistake. That's the title of episode 9. So, that storyboard is either from "11. Another Freak" or "9. Home Fires".

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    • Man they really are playing up that acrostic. The episode titles we have already aren't that good either. Prepare...

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    • I'm assume you both have seen the Easter egg regarding the episode titles?

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    • Episode 2. Animation.

      • Greg describes the animation process as having an "assembly line quality" for any given episode
      • Closer look at the concept art for Sensei, Dick and Will in civies, Brick;
      • Phil Bourassa
      • Looks at Forager concept art and Bourassa's early passes at the character (much skinner);
      • Character designers: Dou Hong, Shaun O'Neil, and Dusty Abell
      • Storyboards and animatics for "Private Security"
      • Back to Greg and Brandon talking about staging fight scenes during the storyboard process;
      • Concept art of Super-Cycle's different modes; it looks sleeker than the final version. For season 3, Bourassa was keen on doing another pass at the design;
      • Background designer: Hakjoon Kang;
      • Greg and Brandon wanted "Private Security" to be a contrast, visually, from the first three episodes; they wanted the mood to feel more "open" and the tone and colors to be brighter;
      • The backgrounder painters use 'mood boards' to help design a scene

      Next week: Recording

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    • FYI to everyone trying to avoid spoilers: this Tuesday episode contains major spoilers for episodes dropping next Friday, including one major character debut. So, everyone wanting to remain spoiler free should postpone that episode and probably avoid this thread.

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    • Ugh, now I find this page,

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    • You can just delete the other one.

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    • Done.

      Ona non-spoiler note, it was really frustraing that they showed flashes of interviews with several voice actors who we never actually get to hear from. Hopefully they'll turn up in the last episode.

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    • Since SM and TS are pictured together, I think they just got footage from a TTG recording.

      Two huge Halo spoilers. One was obvious from the start, the other one was obvious along the way.

      Freddy T is hamming it up. That performance does not look like Deathstroke.

      Zeno Robinson was speculated, he appeared in an instagram post of a launch day cast&crew watch party. This was one of the most obvious guesses.

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    • I'd guess Fred is also Metamorpho.

      Zeno sounded great in the little snippets we got.

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    • Brandon tweeted all the spoilers onto my timeline; I never stood a chance. :(

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    • Pretty sure the IGN clip was preemptive damage control.

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    • Nah, it doesn't address the Halo spoilers. He probably has the biggest mass name recognition of any character added since the first episode (not counting blink and you miss it Jason and Damian), it's good promo.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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