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    If not closed captions, what about TV guide summaries? For example, also from Eminent Threat:

    Conner Kent and Prince Biron Markov are in the clutches of Count Vertigo, leaving Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock and an emotionally damaged Jefferson Pierce to save them and put an end to the Bedlam Syndicate.

    A letter-swap typo like this seems probably less significant than mixing up Lightning/Aqualad but on the other hand, TV summaries are more prominently seen by people than closed captions which many people don't turn on.

    Not acknowledging CC goofs seems like it would discriminate against hard-of-hearing viewers to whom this might be more interesting trivia. Why shouldn't it be as important as spoken or art goofs?

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    • Teletoon is outside the scope of the wiki. IIRC, DC Universe had this typo as well, but it was corrected. I'd have to check.

      The Closed-Captioning is not, and never has been, official. It's just a third party job that is never verified or carefully vetted. Therefore, it's not a goof in the episode itself. Only hardcoded captions used for non-English are relevant for that.

      YJ didn't have a good CC in s1 and 2, and 3 is even worse, from what I've heard. There are probably tumblr or reddit threads full of bad CC.

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    • Ah okay, so English captions are like a distributor-based goof rather than a baseline goof. Whereas the hardcorded translations to other languages are I guess official because they actually get released with DVDs or have to feed new scripts to non-English voice actors?

      For now when I come across this stuff and feel compelled to record it I'll try to remember to park it at w:c:goofs:Young Justice instead of the pages here.

      Would be interesting to mine Red/Tum for additional and organize them somehow. A lot of the stuff is boring/negligible (like letters just getting cut off, which might be a technical error rather than a captioner's one) but obvious mixups like nameswaps stand out as pretty entertaining.

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    • No, I mean the English subs on Atlantean, Quraci etc.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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