Tiamat is an alien weapon.

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Around the second millennium BCE, the alien Tiamat was set loose on Earth to end the conflict between chaos and order by destroying the world. The gods of Mesopotamia, not wanting the status quo to be challenged, chose the demigod Marduk to battle her. Wielding the power of lightning and rain, and the Tablet of Destiny, Marduk defeated the alien creature and locked her away, but gave his life in the process.[1]

2015 Edit

February 18, 09:16 UTC+2

The Light hoped to free Tiamat and used the Team to their ends. Aquagirl was kidnapped and taken to Marduk's Temple, where Klarion oversaw the ritual to revive the monster. It was successful, and Klarion got his prize, the Tablet of Destiny. Nightwing and Alpha Squad were left to battle the monster, which manifested in giant water spouts before revealing herself in all her winged glory. The Team managed to defeat her the same way Marduk had done in legend: by self-sacrifice. Aquagirl forced Tiamat back in the pool and allowed the temple to crash down on them.[1]

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  • Tiamat is an actual goddess from Babylonian myth, but has also been adapted for the DC Universe. Tiamat, as an alien, was introduced by Peter David as a villain for Aquaman.

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