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Artemis Crock is a member of the Team, originally under the name Artemis and later Tigress. A master archer, she is the former protégé of Green Arrow. She is the daughter of Lawrence and Paula Crock, and the younger sister of Jade Nguyen.

Artemis left the hero life behind with her boyfriend Wally West, but returned for an undercover mission. After staging her death, she joined Aqualad as his trusted lieutenant Tigress. She retained that name when she returned to the Team after Wally's death. She is the Team's current leader.[9]


During her adolescent years, Artemis's personality was a product of her unusual upbringing. In the kill-or-be-killed culture in which her parents raised her, Artemis had to constantly fight for her life,[3] resulting in her considerably aggressive nature and willingness to solve problems with force.[10] She was also protective of her secrets, and constantly lied to her friends out of fear of being discovered as the child of villains.[10]

For the most part, Artemis is a very passionate and opinionated girl. Always ready with a witty and biting remark, she is intent on proving herself to anyone who questions her. Artemis conceals her defensive nature with an aggressive attitude, exhibiting a wild temperament that is apparent when people argue or belittle her. She readily involves herself in confrontations with little to no hesitance.[3]

Physical appearance

Artemis is a half-Caucasian and half-Vietnamese,[11][12] teenage girl of average height. She has olive-toned skin with long thick blonde hair and dark gray eyes and big lips. Artemis is slender in stature, yet has an athletic build. At the age of fifteen, Artemis had hair down to her waist, which she often kept tied back in a ponytail, both in uniform and civilian garb.

Artemis's uniform was a midriff-baring costume that highlighted her build. It was colored in various shades of green and consisted of a mask extending from the hairline to the cheekbones, a sleeveless top with a stylized arrow tip on the front, fingerless gloves, pants with black knee pads, and black combat boots. She had a black utility belt and pouch strapped on her left leg that were likely filled with assorted tools. Artemis carried a quiver along her back with a bow and a multitude of multi-purpose arrows. Her costume was apparently less than six months old as of September 4.[13] Sometime between October 1 and October 10, the costume was outfitted with stealth-tech that could be activated by pressing the arrow symbol on her top, which turned the various shades of green in her uniform into darker shades of gray.[14]

Artemis in 2016.

By 2016, Artemis has grown noticeably taller, with her hair only extending to her upper back.[15] After receiving Zatanna's Glamour Charm from Nightwing, Artemis takes the appearance of an Asian girl,[16] with slightly different facial features than normal; shoulder length jet black hair, almond shaped eyes, paler complexion, and a deeper voice.

Artemis's altered appearance

While operating as Tigress, she wears a predominantly burnt orange and black costume, with a hard orange mask that covers her forehead, nose, and cheeks resembling a stylized tiger's face. She also wears a black sheath behind her back which stores her sword and also wears a black belt to store her weapons.[17]


Early life

Nine year old Artemis.

Artemis Crock was born and raised in Gotham City.[18] Her parents were assassins. Her mother, Paula, was not a heavily involved parent and allowed her husband, "Crusher", to train their daughters to follow in their footsteps.[19] His training was brutal, though Artemis's older sister, Jade, would sometimes (unsuccessfully) attempt to defend her.[20]

In 2004, during one of their crimes, Paula became paraplegic, and as a result took the fall for her husband. Paula spent the next six years in prison, during which Artemis was raised alone by her father,[7][19] as Jade ran away[5] the same year[21] due to their father's emotional and verbal abuse.[22]

Jade returned not long after first running away, coming to Artemis for food. Artemis had a broken arm from her training. She was chased off by Crusher, but not before she used a code phrase, "Mad as hatters", which signaled Artemis to meet her on the rooftop. When Crusher went off on a job, Artemis met up with Jade and gave her all the food she could find. Jade promised to return the next night with money to replace it before Crusher got back, but she did not show up, leaving Artemis to face the consequences from Crusher; one-armed boxing on an empty stomach.[23]

Artemis's father trained her to use a bow as her primary weapon, and frequently subjected her to apparently criminal tests. The nature of most of these tests have not been specified, although while robbed of her memory Artemis suggested one such test could involve being forced to kill someone, in this case, Kid Flash.[13] Her sister Cheshire has also stated that their father regularly made the pair fight against each other.[24]

July 2010

Gotham City
July 31, 17:29 EDT

When her mother Paula was released from prison, she returned home and spoke in private with Artemis's father. She stated that she had gone straight and that she wanted Artemis to do the same, and she wanted him to leave. Unbeknownst to both of them, their conversation was overheard by Artemis who then escaped into Gotham clad in her green costume to fight crime.[7]

August 2010

Main article: Artemis in August 2010

Artemis shoots Amazo and saves Kid Flash.

During one of her nightly patrols, Artemis stumbled upon a fight between Amazo and Superboy, Robin and Kid Flash in the halls of Gotham Academy. She was inspired by them, and wanted in. Without revealing herself, she also helped them; she fought off scores of MONQIs and saved Kid Flash from being crushed.[25]

Batman and Green Arrow visited her and recruited her for the Team. Green Arrow devised a cover story for her, that she was his niece and new sidekick.[25] Her first meeting with the rest of the Team was rocky, as Red Arrow was also present and did not like his place being taken. Her first mission with the Team was overall a success, though Kid Flash blamed her for every little thing that went wrong.[3]

Artemis practiced with Green Arrow and the Team, and attended classes by Black Canary and Captain Atom. Her first missions involved a trip to the Tower of Fate,[26] an investigation into the court-martial of Nathaniel Adams[27] and an undercover operation in the Star City jail.[28]

September 2010

Main article: Artemis in September 2010

The month started with a mission in Bialya, where the Team lost access to the last six months of their memory. Artemis had no memory of becoming a hero, and had to trust people whom she did not know, or only knew as enemies of her father.[13]

She continued her patrols with Green Arrow in Star City,[29] and started classes at Gotham Academy. She was still uncomfortable adjusting to the new environment.[5]

On the same day as her first school day, the Cave was attacked by Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. Together with Robin, she had to stop them. Because the two robots had managed to overpower their superpowered teammates, Artemis heavily doubted her ability to defeat them. Encouraging words from Robin did not help much, but when he too was captured and all pressure was on her, she pulled through. However, Red Tornado returned and seemingly betrayed them.[5]

For the rest of the month, Batman assigned them two related missions, involving Brain's Kobra-Venom operations in India[30] and Bwunda.[31]

October 2010

Main article: Artemis in October 2010

The Team was sent on a dangerous mission against the Injustice League. They succeeded, with help from the Justice League.[32] Not long after, Zatara decided it was time to introduce his daughter Zatanna to the Team. She and Artemis got along well. Though her father forbade her to join, she snuck out with them to track down Red Tornado.[14]

What was meant to be a simple telepathic training exercise went horribly wrong after Miss Martian's emotions took over after Artemis "died". Artemis slipped into a coma, from which she did not awake until after Miss Martian was "killed" as well. For the next week, she, like other members of the Team, was still in shock about their experiences.[33]

On Halloween, Artemis discovered that Superboy and Miss Martian were a couple. She was upset about it, and Zatanna offered her a distraction: crime fighting in New York City. They stopped several small crimes until they encountered Harm, whom they defeated with Secret's help.[10]

November 2010

Main article: Artemis in November 2010

Early on in the month, Artemis continued to pressure Zatanna into joining, and she eventually got her wish, though not in the way she wanted. In a battle with Klarion, Zatara gave up his body to Nabu, and Zatanna moved into the Cave.[34]

At week later, the Team threw Wally a surprise party in the Cave. Witnessing Wally's attempts to get a kiss from M'gann, Artemis decided to tell him she was taken. Artemis took some delight in seeing him disappointed.

The party was cut short by a series of ice fortresses attacking the continental United States. Artemis helped destroy one alongside her mentor, Green Arrow.[35]

December 2010

Main article: Artemis in December 2010

The more and more Artemis worked with the Team and Green Arrow, her confidence grew. But when she learned her place on the Team was because her mother had begged Batman and Green Arrow to help her—and not, as she thought, because she saved Kid Flash—she began to question her position.

Red Arrow returned on the Team and had a mission involving Sportsmaster, and Artemis volunteered. The rest thought she was just eager to show herself off against Red Arrow, but at least part of it was to assure herself she earned a place. Unfortunately, Cheshire and Sportsmaster threatened to expose her secrets, and she botched the mission. This did not sit well with her teammates, especially Red Arrow, and to a lesser extent Kid Flash.[8] It took another mission together to regain the trust of Red Arrow.[2]

Meanwhile, the Light had hoped to blackmail her by exposing her secrets. After Superboy confessed his connection to Lex Luthor, Artemis decided to tell her friends about her own family. They took it well; Robin already knew, something that shocked her and Kid Flash finally realized why she failed the earlier mission. With renewed resolve, the Team took out an ambush by the Light,[36] and later the mind-controlled Justice League aboard the Watchtower. When the Light was beaten back, Kid Flash and Artemis decided to show their true feelings for each other and kissed.[37]

January 2011

Kid Flash and Artemis celebrate their victory.

The Watchtower
January 1, post-00:00 EST

At the stroke of New Year, Wally picked up Artemis and they kissed. Both agreed they should have done it sooner.[37]


Artemis and Wally moved to Palo Alto,[15] and enrolled in Stanford University,[38] where she pursued a double-major in Human Biology and Comparative Literature.[39] After spending freshman year in the Toyon Hall dorm, Artemis moved to an off-campus house where she lived with Wally and their dog Brucely,[40] who they got in 2014.[41]

February 2015

Mount Justice
February 16, 21:31 EST

Artemis and Kid Flash entered the Mission Room. Artemis immediately apologized for a poor joke from Wally, blaming it on a lack of pancakes. She also had to reign him in when he expressed excitement about a kidnapping. The kidnap victim, Helena Sandsmark, was taken from Greece, and Artemis led a squad to investigate.[42]

February 17, 07:15 EET

The Bio-Ship dropped Artemis and Alpha Squad off near the dig-site where doctor Sandsmark was last seen. They quickly discovered the presence of the League of Shadows and Cheshire. Artemis confronted her sister, but she escaped. The squad had to fight through several squads of Shadows until they came to the dig site. They found a tablet device that belonged to Sandsmark. It picked up a signal, leading the squad to an amphitheater.

Taking a rest, Artemis investigated the tablet. She discovered Sandsmark had left a message on it, explaining that the League of Shadows was after a Babylonian artifact she recovered.

Cheshire had set up a trap in the amphitheater, and attacked them. The Team defeated her. With Cheshire out of contention, Aquagirl contacted Artemis explaining the artifact might be in Athens.[42]

February 17, 08:41 EET

At the Museum of Natural History, Alpha Squad fought its way through several squads of Shadows, all the while avoiding debris from increasing seismic activity. Artemis discovered someone else was involved: her father, Sportsmaster. They chased him to the Antiquities wing, and found him when he had just stolen the artifact. They fought him, but when a helicopter arrived, Sportsmaster could escape with the artifact. Artemis managed to plant a tracer on him.

With Sportsmaster gone, Alpha Squad could focus on civilians, who were still trapped in the museum, which had become increasingly unstable. With help from John Stewart, they shepherded them outside, fighting off Shadows along the way.[42]

Mount Justice
February 17, 14:31 EST

Artemis and her squad returned to the Cave to debrief. Wally comforted her after the family fight, and the Team looked at the tracer. It led to Siberia, which Superboy investigated. Superboy recovered two fragments, and found reason to investigate LexCorp in Santa Prisca.[43] Nightwing recovered a third artifact in Gotham City, and found Sandsmark.[44] It leads them to Bialya, where they stopped the Light from waking Tiamat, though it cost Aquagirl her life.[45]

Mount Justice
February 18, 09:59 EST

Batman debriefed the Team and congratulated them on a job well done. Artemis disagreed, citing the loss of Aquagirl as a heavy blow to the Team and Garth in particular. Nightwing used it as motivation to continue the fight against the Light.[45]

Some time later, Artemis and Wally decided to retire from heroics and focus on their studies.

December 2015

Palo Alto
December 1, 05:16 PST

Wally and Artemis talked with Dick via video call to congratulate him on his birthday. It was early, but because of their studies, neither had gone to bed yet. Dick was forced to cut off the conversation when his female guest for the night arrived. Wally commented on his social standing as a "dog", and Artemis was shocked to recognize her old classmate Bette Kane.[46]

February 2016

Palo Alto
February 14, 00:03 PST

Artemis stayed up late for Wally to return home. He told her about his day—trying to persuade Red Arrow to get his act back together—and how it was a failure. Artemis consoled him, and was surprised after all of that, Wally remembered Valentine's Day, for the first time in five years. She had a special treat prepared for him: a fully stocked fridge.[15]

March 2016

Main article: Artemis in March 2016

Aqualad needed help for his deep cover in the Light, and he and Nightwing recruited Artemis.[47] Aqualad's position had to be secured, and for that to happen, he had to "kill" Artemis. She came out of retirement for a mission to Cape Canaveral, where they faked her death. With a special Glamour Charm, they concealed her identity, allowing her to go undercover.[48] As "Tigress", she posed as Aqualad's hand-picked lieutenant, and helped him in his role as the Light's chief field operative. She was still hesitant about many things, such as blowing up Mount Justice.[17]

During a raid on the Partner's research labs, Miss Martian attacked Aqualad out of anger, and learned of Artemis's cover.[49]

April 2016

Atlantic Ocean
April 9, 1:16 EDT

Tigress rested in her quarters, pondering how things went so wrong with her undercover mission. Her thoughts were interrupted as Black Manta summoned her to Kaldur's quarters. There, Manta revealed that Psimon was going to restore Kaldur's memories. Tigress realized that, if Psimon was successful, he would learn the truth about her and Kaldur.

Manta told Tigress he sensed that Kaldur cared deeply for her, then left her with Kaldur and Psimon. As Psimon began to mentally prepare himself, Tigress secretly shot a dart at Psimon's neck. As Psimon was about to begin, he suddenly attacked Tigress, realized she had drugged him and wondered why. He used his mental powers to learn that Tigress was really Artemis, but before he could do anything else, he passed out.

Manta, who had observed the situation on a monitor, rushed to Kaldur's quarters. Tigress told him she didn't know what had happened and wondered if Miss Martian had left a telepathic virus in Kaldur's mind. She suggested that Miss Martian was the only one who could restore Kaldur's mind. Manta agreed to Tigress's plan to kidnap Miss Martian and force her to help Kaldur, but told her that Deathstroke would accompany her.[50]

April 9, 06:20 CDT

As M'gann and Lagoon Boy arrived, they were ambushed by Tigress and Deathstroke. Tigress telepathically explained to M'gann that she needed her help to save Kaldur and to make the abduction look good. M'gann and Tigress faced off as Lagoon Boy battled Deathstroke, who eventually took L'gann down. With M'gann distracted, Tigress set off explosives that burst into flames, weakening M'gann and allowing Deathstroke to place an inhibitor collar on her. The two then departed with M'gann aboard the Manta-Flyer.[50]

Atlantic Ocean
April 9, post-07:20 EDT

On board the Manta-Sub, Black Manta ordered Miss Martian to restore Kaldur's memories or forfeit her life. He left Tigress with her, who ordered Miss Martian to get started. Communicating telepathically, M'gann told Tigress fixing one's mind is not as easily done as breaking it and that any intrusion by her may be perceived by Kaldur as a threat. Tigress told M'gann to take her into Kaldur's mind as well, as she believed she would not be perceived as a threat. Realizing there was no other choice, M'gann agreed.

The inside of Kaldur's mind was represented by Atlantis in ruins. At first, Artemis believed they were underwater, but M'gann reminded her that nothing was real. The two were then attacked by Tula. Artemis tried to reason with her but then reminded herself that it really wasn't Tula. M'gann, though, was overcome with guilt and succumbing to Tula's attacks. Artemis took it upon herself to locate Aqualad, eventually finding him, only he had no facial features. She was able to convince Aqualad that his memories could be restored. Artemis then brought Aqualad, whose facial features were now restored, and got M'gann to get past her guilt and begin the process of restoring Aqualad's mind.

Tigress's thoughts were interrupted by Black Manta, who told her that it has been six hours since he left her. Manta at first believed Miss Martian was stalling, but realized she made progress when Kaldur recognized his father. Manta left to speak privately with Tigress, telling her he intended to kill Miss Martian when she finished helping Kaldur. Outwardly, Tigress seemed pleased, but inwardly, she realized the situation just got worse.[50]

May 2016

Atlantic Ocean
May 27, 01:00 EDT

Artemis reveals herself to her family.

Tigress was with Kaldur and Miss Martian, with Miss Martian apparently slow in making progress restoring Kaldur's mind, so Black Manta gave Miss Martian 24 hours to finish or lose her life. Unknown to Manta, Kaldur had been playing possum while he and Tigress figured how to save M'gann's life. They were now forced to put another plan into action. Tigress told Deathstroke she needed to stretch her legs and get coffee, but after she left Kaldur's quarters, she made her way to the control room to deactivate M'gann's inhibitor collar.

On her way there, the alarm sounded because Deathstroke noticed that Cheshire had invaded Kaldur's quarters. She told the troopers in the control room to go protect Kaldur, then began searching for the collar control. Deathstroke then notified her of Cheshire's presence and that Miss Martian had intervened, ordering Tigress to return to Kaldur's room. Tigress first continued her search, ultimately disabling M'gann's collar, but as she headed back to Kaldur's room, she got no response from an attempted telepathic communication. She then encountered Sportsmaster dueling with Black Manta, who told Tigress to deal with Sportsmaster and he would save his son.

Tigress and Sportsmaster fought, but just as Sportsmaster had Tigress down, M'gann intervened, pulling the two, Kaldur and Cheshire into a mindscape. Cheshire first thought it was one of her memories, but then Tigress said it was hers and revealed her true identity of Artemis to her sister. Upon learning that Artemis's death had been faked, Cheshire dropped her grudge against Aqualad but Sportsmaster remained unconvinced, despite Cheshire's insistence. Artemis told Miss Martian to release them, as she would make Sportsmaster believe it was really her.

After M'gann released everyone from the mindscape, Tigress avoided a javelin strike and disarmed Sportsmaster with a maneuver he had taught her. Now convinced Tigress was really his daughter, Sportsmaster said he was pleased she and Aqualad were putting one over on the Light. Tigress asked her father for a favor, which Sportsmaster did, destroying the collar control with an explosive disc.

As Sportsmaster and Cheshire were about to escape, Deathstroke caught up with them and Tigress arrived soon after. As Cheshire and Tigress tussled, Tigress remarked she was touched Cheshire risked everything to avenge her as Cheshire claimed she was just angry Lian lost her babysitter. Miss Martian then showed up and slammed Deathstroke and Tigress to the wall, allowing Sportsmaster and Cheshire to get away. After Deathstroke escaped Miss Martian's telekinetic hold and charged her, Tigress telepathically told M'gann she needed to escape. M'gann acknowledged her, mentally apologizing before she threw Deathstroke toward Tigress.[51]

June 2016

Santa Prisca
June 19, 00:00 ECT

Tigress was part of the Light's delegation for a summit with the Reach. As she removed her mask upon Black Beetle's insistence, she whispered to Kaldur'ahm that the two were in over their heads.

The summit led to a confrontation between Black Beetle and Black Manta, forcing Deathstroke and Tigress to intervene. She blocked a stinger bolt aimed at Ra's al Ghul and was knocked into him. Tigress apologized, which Ra's said was not necessary, but his eyes were then drawn to the Glamour Charm around her neck. After Kaldur stepped in between Manta and Black Beetle and got both to stand down, Ra's approached Tigress and removed the charm, revealing her true identity of Artemis and explaining to everyone about the charm.

The Reach ambassador concluded that Kaldur'ahm was in cahoots with Artemis and ordered Black Beetle to kill them both. Deathstroke shot them both in the chest, apparently killing them. Kaldur then released a dead man's switch that generated holographic images, revealing how the Light had merely used the Reach for its own personal gain. When Vandal Savage revealed to an angry Ambassador that the Light possessed the crystal key to the Warworld, Artemis and Aqualad stood up, revealing they were not really dead, then "Deathstroke" revealed herself as Miss Martian and other Team members arrived on the scene. Dozens of League of Shadows agents then arrived, but some were Team members in disguise.

As everyone engaged in battle, Artemis watched as Black Beetle stabbed Ra's through the chest, then was pushed aside by Ubu as he tended to his master. Artemis charged them, but Ubu kicked her away and escaped with Ra's. Kid Flash caught her and told her he didn't know whether to kiss her or kill her for putting him through everything, to which Artemis told him to hold that thought until they were alone, after which they battled a group of Shadows.

After the Team won a decisive victory and Aqualad lamented about the loose ends that remained, Artemis, Nightwing and Kid Flash all reassured him. Artemis noted that Aqualad had crippled the Reach, broken the Light in half, took down Deathstroke before the Summit and that the proceedings had been holographically recorded, giving them evidence to clear the Justice League. Beast Boy then ran up and hugged Artemis, remarking how happy he was that she was alive.[52]

New York City
June 20, 06:16 EDT

Along with Kid Flash and Impulse, Artemis infested a corridor of the Reach flagship. The squad dispatched the Reach soldiers present with super-speed and projectile weaponry.[53]

June 20, 08:16 EDT

When Magnetic Field Disruptors planted by the Reach threatened the Earth, Artemis joined 39 other heroes of Earth in a briefing in Metropolis. The heroes would use a computer virus provided by Lex Luthor to safely disable the disruptors. The heroes were paired off with another into twenty squads: one member would run interference against weapons guarding the disruptors, allowing the other to get close enough to plant the virus.[53]

June 20, 14:34 CEST

Artemis was assigned to Omega Squad, and worked alongside Kid Flash. While attempting to defuse the MFD, the pair bantered. Kid Flash wanted to return to Paris once they don't have a world to save. She replied that there is always a world to save. She unleashed an arrow that dispersed powerful magnetic pellets that attached to the drones, and drew them towards each them until they short-circuited. This allowed Kid Flash to plant the virus and deactivate the disruptor. As she was reporting their success to headquarters, Kid Flash silenced her with a kiss. They agreed that perhaps they could play hero and still have a life,[54] and kissed passionately, much to the confusion of Lucas Carr over the unfinished report.[53]

The Watchtower
June 20, post-07:35 CDT

Artemis and Wally returned to the Watchtower just as Flash and Impulse attempted to defuse the triggered chrysalis of a previously undetected MFD located in the Earth's Magnetic North Pole. She wondered to Wally whether the kinetic energy from the trails left by Flash and Impulse would be sufficient to siphon off the energy of the chrysalis, but he had already left via Zeta-Tube to join them.[53]

The Team rushed to the location, with Artemis in tow, aboard the bio-ship. Upon reaching the location, Kid Flash's participation provided enough energy to defuse the Reach weapon. Unfortunately, victory came at a price. Kid Flash's slower speed made him the exit valve of the deflected energy, and his body vanished after he absorbed too much. After the vortex vanished, Artemis frantically searched for Wally, but could not see him anywhere. Flash, who had seen his nephew disappear, told her that Wally wanted her to know that he loved her. Artemis was devastated at the news.[53]

Central City
June 20, 22:16 CDT

Artemis visited Wally's parents to break the news. She dissolved into tears before she could utter a single word, and the three comforted each other.[53]

July 2016

The Watchtower
July 4, 21:16 EDT

Artemis, now garbed in her Tigress outfit, approached Bart, who was staring at the newly placed hologram of the fallen Wally West, and commented that he looked good in his new costume. The speedster, now garbed in Wally's yellow and red costume, and having adopted the codename Kid Flash, wasn't sure and felt like a fraud, a sham. She reassured him that Wally would have wanted it that way. When he commented on her costume, she explained that Artemis, the hero, was Wally's partner, and she needed to distance herself from that part of her life. Now, she wanted to try Tigress as a blonde.

Aqualad summoned everyone to the mission room, where Batman informed the Team that they would now operate side by side with the Justice League from the Watchtower. Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because they earned the right to do so before the league left the heroes to their devices. Aqualad then informed the assembled group that although the Team has accomplished much, a lot still needed to be done. He assigned Tigress to Beta Squad to investigate LexCorp's reuse of the Reach soft drink under a new name, and instructed them to gather evidence.[53]


Artemis and Brucely moved to Star City and began living with her brother-in-law, Will Harper, and niece, Lian Nguyen-Harper.[55] It would take Artemis two years to recover from Wally's death.[56] Alongside her studies in Comparative Literature,[56] she worked as a teaching assistant.[57]

July 2018

Star City
July 29, 07:16 PDT

Artemis started her day by feeding Brucely, when Dick arrived to recruit her to join a mission busting a meta-human trafficking operation in Markovia.[55]

July 30, 00:00 EDT

Artemis met up with Dick's squad at Centennial Park. They headed out on the Super-Cycle.[55]

July 30, 19:23 EEST

Dick and Artemis entered Markovia under false passports, posing as a couple. Using hacked invitations, they attended Gregor Markov's pre-coronation reception at the Royal Palace, where they noted several potential suspects. After Brion Markov moved to meet with Simon Ecks, Tigress went to the cemetery where they gear was stashed while Nightwing followed their suspects.

At the cemetery, Tigress noticed a strange violet light and went toward it on her unicycle. She found Henchy and two other men apparently trying to bury a girl alive in a mass grave of other corpses. While fighting the men, the girl showed the ability to generate a protective forcefield. They fled, and linked up with the Super-Cycle.

On board the Cycle, Tigress found the girl could speak English, but had no memory of who she was. Nightwing directed Tigress to find Black Lightning. She found him washed up by a river. After he woke up, Lightning told Tigress that Superboy had been captured.[58]

July 31, 00:02 EEST

Tigress told the Quraci girl to stay behind with the Super-Cycle while she and Lightning went into the Bedlam Syndicate hideout. As they go through the sewers, they hear from Nightwing, who was already in and had found out Baron DeLamb was in charge of the syndicate. They were then attacked by Plasmus, but saved by the intervention of the "Halo-girl" and the Super-Cycle, who had followed them. They took the Cycle up to the main lab. This forced DeLamb and his lackeys to retreat, taking several meta-teens away via boom tube. Tigress and the squad evacuated the lab before destroying it.

Outside, Brion's meta powers activated. When Nightwing played the news showing DeLamb claiming Brion had had his parents killed with a video of Brion's meta-activation. Enraged, Brion went off to the Palace. Just after, Count Vertigo, Plasmus and Henchy boom tubed in. Superboy was sent after Brion, while the others fought Vertigo. Tigress took down Vertigo with a net arrow, but was horrfied when Halo-girl was apparently killed by Plasmus. Halo-girl healed herself soon after, to Tigress's shock. After Vertigo was forced to retreat, Plasmus was shot dead by a local farmer, and Superboy returned with a now banished Brion. Tigress asked Nightwing what they should do next.[59] Nightwing suggested that they go home, feeling no responsibility for the Markovians they had picked up. Tigress ended up taking Halo-girl home.[60]

August 2018

Star City
August 01, 07:16 PDT

Artemis and Will discussed Halo staying with them. Artemis was determined not to cancel her plans with Zatanna.

Later, Artemis took Halo with her to Grant Park. They met Doctor Fate under cover of a tree. Artemis asked him to examine Halo while they waited for Zatanna. He determined that she had an old soul in her young body, but before he could elaborate further, Zatanna arrived, and Fate removed his helmet, allowing Zatara to spend one hour with his daughter. Artemis and Halo sat on a bench, and Artemis asked Halo if she had remembered anything new. Halo claimed not to have. Aftr an hour had passed, Zatara put the helmet back on and Fate left. Artemis rushed to comfort a devastated Zatanna.[60]

Happy Harbor
August 04, 12:33 EDT

Artemis and Halo Zeta'd to Conner's garage to meet with him, Dick, Jeff and Brion. Dick began a search for information on Halo; Artemis noted with frustration that she had thought he was already on that. Inside the house, Dick, Artemis, Jeff and Lucas Carr discussed what to do with Brion and Halo. Dick and Artemis felt they weren't ready for the Team. They were interrupted by Brion using his powers outside. They went out and helped them test their abilities. Artemis sparred with Halo, making her use her powers defensiviely, and causing her to manifest a new power; an energy blast. When Brion went to leave the group, Dick said they would help him find his sister.[61]

Happy Harbor
August 05, 21:04 EDT

Artemis joined M'gann and Conner in introducing Forager to Brion and Halo. They arranged for Forager and Brion to stay in the Bio-Ship. Dick arrived with intel that Brion's sister may be with the League of Shadows, and has to convince Brion that they cannot immediately go after them. Afterwards, the older heroes went inside to talk, and Dick got some information on Halo's past, to Artemis's relief. They went back out to tell Halo, but she, Brion, Forager and Sphere were gone. Assuming they had gone after the Shadows, Artemis and the others pursued in the Bio-Ship.[62]

Infinity Island
August 06, post-00:41 ECT

Artemis and the team arrived to find Halo, Brion, Forager and Sphere in a cell. They freed them, but were confronted by Sensei, Ubu and a Red Hooded Ninja. Their battle was interrupted by the arrival of Ra's al Ghul. al Ghul told them that Tara was not there, and that he no longer led the Shadows nor was part of the Light. Artemis asked if her father or sister were now leading the League. Ra's then let them go. En route home, Artemis informed Halo of what they had found about her past life, but the girl insisted she was now Violet.[62]

September 2018

Mount Justice
September 08, 11:04 EDT

Artemis, Dick and Conner led a training session for Violet, Brion and Forager on the beach. Artemis worked with Violet to improve her aura control. Later, after talking and snacking around a campfire, the young heroes picked their codenames, with Dick and Artemis poking fun at each other's. At the end of the night, Artemis, Dick and Conner praised the young trio for a good training session but all were taken aback when Violet manifested a new power.[63]

Happy Harbor
September 25, 23:43 EDT

Artemis attended a briefing for Nightwing's team at Conner's garage. They were going to seek intelligence on the League of Shadows after learning the location of a potential source, Cheshire.[64]

September 26, 00:56 EDT

The team moved on Cheshire's private jet. After Geo-Force grounded it, Tigress boarded it to confront her sister. After knocking out Doctor Moon, she asked her sister where the Shadows were based and who was running them. Jade told her they were now run out of Santa Prisca, but she wasn't sure who was in charge. Artemis also made a plea for Jade to return to her family, but it did not work, and Jade escaped with Shade, with no resistance from Tigress.[64]

Owings Mills
September 29, 13:02 EDT

Tigress joined Nightwing's team for another training session. After Nightwing conducted a surprise attack drill with a sniper rifle, there were surprised for real by Lobo, who had come with a contract to kill Forager. Tigress joined the others in defending the Bug. They were able to hold Lobo off for some time, until Lobo apparently killed Forager and left. Forager then revealed he had shed his exo-shell to fool Lobo. Artemis welcomed Forager into the faked-your-own-death club.[65]

October 2018

Star City
October 12, 19:49 PDT

In the Harper kitchen, Artemis helped Violet to register for school over ice cream. After some debate about her last name, Violet chose Harper at Will's suggestion.[66]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 07:19 EDT

Artemis went to Conner and Megan's house to see Violet and Forager off to their first day of school. She presented Forager with a Glamour Charm from Zatanna, allowing him to pose as the human Fred Bugg.[67]

Happy Harbor
October 15, 19:21 EDT

Artemis met with the rest of Nightwing's team to discuss the arrival of Victor Stone and Volet's new ability to create boom tubes. The group deduced that Violet is in fact the soul of a dissected Motherbox which became trapped in the body of Gabrielle Daou. Artemis apologized to Violet for not understanding her previous protestations that she was not Gabrielle. After Vic was taken over by the Fatherbox tech within him, Artemis noticed the strange words Violet spoke while cleansing him, but Violet had no memory of it.[68]

Happy Harbor
October 31, 17:42 EDT

Artemis arrived with Dick to tell the younger member of their team to cancel their Halloween plans as they had a lead on Tara Markov's location that they needed to act on immediately.[69]

Earth's Upper Atmosphere
October 31, 21:46 UTC

Aboard the Bio-Ship, Nightwing briefed the team on the intel they had received about meta-human trafficking depots supplied via Goode Goggles brainwashing metas, and indicating Tara was about to be auctioned off at one in Greater Bialya.[69]

November 2018

November 01, 01:44 UTC+3

After using a mini-drone to infiltrate the facility, the team found that not only was the site a meta-human auction, but also a fight club. Artemis, Jeff and Brion disguised themselves as patrons and entered with forged invites. Thye then purchased Tara and left via the Bio-Ship in the form of a limousine.

With Tara safe, the team then went in for a more conventional rescue of the rest of the metas. Tigress and Nightwing snuck into the holding area and freed the metas, but where then confronted by the Terror Twins. Thye fought the twins until Geo-Force and Tara intervened, blocking them behind a wall of rock. Everyone then evacuated to the Bio-Ship, and the meta-teens were taken to the Meta-Human Youth Center.[69]

Happy Harbor
November 01, 03:16 EDT

The team then returned to Conner and Megan's home with Tara. After a happy reunion, and the revelation that Violet had permanently cleansed Vic of Fatherbox's influence while they were gone, Dick pondered to Artemis whether Brion, Violet, Forager and Tara might be ready for the Team.[69]

Mount Justice
November 04, 10:21 EST

At the beach, Artemis, Dick and Conner offered Team membership to Brion, Violet, Forager and Tara. They made it clear there were no obligations and the risk involved. Artemis spoke about her time away from the Team and losing Wally West.[70]

The Watchtower
November 06, 14:59 EST

Tigress was present as Miss Martian welcomed Geo-Force, Halo, Forager and Terra to the Team. She also announced that Tigress and Superboy were officially rejoining.[70]

Star City
November 16, 17:17 PST

Artemis left home for a mission briefing, with Lian and Will having a gross-out contest.[71]

The Watchtower
November 16, 21:21 EST

Tigress and Aquaman briefed the Team; Tigress would lead them on a mission to investigate a suspected government sponsored meta-program in Russia.[71]

November 17, 23:23 VLAT

The Team used a combination of Geo-Force and Terra's powers to infiltrate the Russian base, and Halo's holography to avoid detection. They found that the base was being used for a program to empower military volunteers with advanced armor. As the activity was not illegal, Tigress opted to take no action. On the way out, the Team noticed a group of supposed convicts getting ready to attack the base. The Team stopped the attack and forced the group's retreat, but were soon confronted by the Rocket Red Brigade, who believed the Team was part of the attack. The convicts then regrouped and renewed their attack. Tigress was wounded by Black Manta, but ultimately the convicts were defeated. Though still distrustful of the Team, the leader of the Brigade let them go after Tigress pointed out that word would get out that two foreign meta-squads had infiltrated their base.[71]

Belle Reve Parish
November 17, 10:10 CST

As Aquaman returned the prisoners to Belle Reve Penitentiary and spoke with Amanda Waller, Tigress monitored with the rest of the Team on the Bio-Ship. Waller explained the existence of Task Force X and made it clear that if the Justice League made any move to make what it had learned public, then she would reveal the Team. Artemis agreed with Aquaman that they were best to protect their secrets.[71]

Star City
November 17, 16:16 PST

At the Harper home, Artemis was fed ice cream by Lian, and watched Will doing the dishes with a smile.[71]

Star City
November 22, 13:01 PST

At the Harper home, Will and Artemis prepared Thanksgiving dinner. At the dinner, Helga mentioned Artemis's work as Tigress, which caused Paula to storm off. Artemis caught up with her in the hallway. Paula was furious Artemis had returned to the hero life and its dangers. She also indicated her desire for Artemis to settle down with Will and become a mother to Lian in Jade's absence. Artemis denied anything going on between her and Will, to Paula's disbelief.[56]

December 2018

The Watchtower
December 04, 19:09 EST

Tigress was present for a meeting of the Team and Aquaman set up by Beast Boy. Gar proposed the creation of a new public team of young heroes to counter anti-meta sentiment and inspire young people. Though the older heroes were initially resistant, Gar and the other founding members of his team persisted, and the group's formation was agreed.[72]

December 04, 17:48 PST

Gar then took the group to tour the Premiere Building penthouse, which he had set up as the new team's headquarters.[72]

Star City
December 07, 19:49 PST

Artemis, Violet and Tara watched news coverage of the Outsider's first mission in Brooklyn. Artemis admitted that she would miss the two girls when they moved in to the Premiere Building. They decided to celebrate their last night together with ice cream.

Later, as the girls had a "sleepover" upstairs, Lian ran in frightened by the ongoing storm. Violet was also alarmed by the storm, leaving Artemis and Tara to comfort them.[72]

December 21, post-04:31 PST

Tigress greeted Tara and Forager as they returned from school, but noted Violet's absence. Later, Tigress and Terra sparred in the gym. Tara was becoming frustrated, and Artemis told her that clearly the training she'd had had been brutal but that was not how Artemis did things.[73]

January 2019

January 02, 04:16 PST

Artemis went to the Premiere Building after Forager found Vic was being taken over by Fatherbox tech. Soon after Forager found Violet was gone and gave a goodbye note she had left to Artemis. Artemis had the idea that Sphere would be able to find her.[74]

Happy Harbor
January 02, 08:16 UTC

Artemis and Tara went to see Sphere at Conner and Megan's home. Sphere immediately turned into the Super-Cycle to take them to Violet.[74]

January 02, post-15:17 UTC+2

Artemis, Tara and the Super-Cycle arrived and found Violet at Gabrielle Daou's home. Violet returned them to the Premiere Building by boom tube.[74]

January 25, 14:28 PST

Tigress was at the Premiere Building with other members of the Team and Outsiders as they vented their frustrations at not being able to find Halo, who had been abducted by Gretchen Goode. After Vandal Savage arrived to give them Halo's location, Artemis joined the Team going after her.[75]

The Orphanage
January 26, 01:17 UTC

The Team boom tubed to the Orphanage. Geo-Force led the younger members to find Halo while the original Team members created a distraction. Aquaman noticed the presence of the Javelin, meaning that the Justice League's squad was also likely under Granny Goodness's control. The Team fought the Furies and number of Parademons. During the fight, Nightwing, who was still suffering the after-effects of exposure to an X-Pit, began to hallucinate that the Team was joined by Wally West and that they were all as they had been in the Team's first months. Miss Martian's psychic link caused them all to share the fever dream, until it ended when the Apokoliptan forces were defeated. Dick apologized, but Artemis assured him that Wally was always with them.

They lost contact with the other squad and, fearing the worst, decided to have Miss Martian brain blast everyone when they found them. When they found Granny and her device, she did so, but Overlord activated the Ghost Dimension device, distracting M'gann enough to allow Granny to have Tigress and the rest of the Team placed under her thrall.[75]

The Orphanage
January 26, 02:48 UTC

Tigress was present under Granny's thrall when Granny and Gretchen Goode merged back together, and Vic arrived to free Halo, who in turn freed everyone else from the Anti-Life Equation. The League and Team then destroyed Granny's device, took her minions into custody and freed the captive meta-humans.[76]

January 26, 06:54 PST

The Team returned to the Premiere Building via boom tube. Tigress and the original Team members look on with pride as Vic was inducted into the Outsiders and took the name Cyborg.[76]

February 2019

Star City
February 14, 18:04 PST

Artemis arrived home to find that Will had made them a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. He explained that though they hadn't discussed it, he'd taken the chance that she had felt for him what he had been feeling for her. Artemis kissed him, but quickly came to regret it and ran off to her bedroom crying. She apologized to a photo of Wally, then called Zatanna for help.

Artemis met Zatanna under a tree in Grant Park, but was upset to see Zatanna had brought Megan and Raquel. She implored Zatanna to summon Wally's ghost for her so she could say a proper goodbye, and threatened to make a deal with Wotan if she refused. Zatanna agreed to send Artemis into limbo to meet with Wally, but warned her that everything she saw would be imagined and that if she did not return by sunrise she would be trapped there forever. Artemis agreed, and Zatanna cast a spell. Unbeknownst to Artemis, Zatanna's spell was just for show, and M'gann actually opened a space in Artemis's mind for her to process her grief on her own.

In "limbo" Artemis saw "Wally". She imagined them in their old apartment, with "Brucely". A wedding ring appeared on her finger, then she became pregnant, before a baby appeared. Artemis was happy in the illusion and had no intention of leaving, ignoring prompts from "Zatanna". But "Wally" pointed out the flaws in their life there, noting the baby had no name or gender. "Wally" finally convinced Artemis to return to the real world, to open up again. They kissed and said goodbye.

Back in the park, a tearful Artemis thanked Zatanna for giving her what she needed.

Artemis returned home to Will and told him that, though they would always be family, they weren't right for each other and shouldn't pursue a relationship. Will feigned relief and agreed.[77]

February 15, 15:34 PST

At the Premiere Building, Tigress was preparing with the Beta Squad of the joint Team-Outsiders mission to address Baron Bedlam's coup in Markovia.[78]

February 16, post-01:35 EET

Beta boom tubed into the Royal Palace to flush out Bedlam. Bedlam fled immediately, leaving Count Vertigo to handle Beta. Beta were pinned down by Vertigo's power, but Nightwing knocked him out, then sent Tigress and Halo ahead to meet up with Geo-Force and Terra. They found Terra on the verge of killing Beast Boy, but Tigress told her that she did not need to follow Deathstroke's orders. Terra was dumbfounded that she knew about her secret, and Tigress admitted that they had known she was working for him since before they rescued her, but they wanted to give her the chance to make her own choice. Tara threw away her comm and ran into Tigress's arms. Brion was enraged that this had been kept from him, and when Bedlam made a bid to escape, Brion killed him and then claimed the throne for himself. Everyone was horrified by his actions, and finding no support from any of them, Brion sent them all away.[78]

February 16, 01:24 PST

In the Premiere Building kitchen, Artemis and the other early Team members silently contemplated the events in Markovia.[78]

The Watchtower
February 24, 19:00 EST

Artemis attended a meeting of the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders and Batman's team. Black Lightning was elected the League's new leader and, after Miss Martian's resignation,[78] Tigress became leader of the Team.[9]

February 28, 16:16 EST

Artemis, Will and Lian attended a private party at Bibbo's Diner for the Team Year Zero crew.[78]


By 2020, Artemis was teaching Comparative Literature at Royal University.[20] She was still working on her dissertation about Vietnamese literature and its resonance with archetypes in Western culture.[79] She also received a stipend from the Justice League.[57] She had started to date Jason Bard, after the two were set up by Jason's ex,[23] Barbara Gordon.[80]

February 2020

Happy Harbor
February 23, 14:16 EST

Artemis and other Team Year Zero members attended a bon voyage party for Conner and Megan at the Carr house. The party was interrupted when Will received a call from Roy to say that a Bowhunter Security job had been hit by a group of felons, who abducted Bowhunter's new hire, Harlan Matthews, who was in fact a reformed Clayface. The Team realized the attackers were Task Force X and that they could not openly move against them due to their "non-aggression" pact with Amanda Waller. Will offered to take them on as Bowhunter temps, providing a thin cover.[9]

Bayou Bartholomew
February 23, 16:16 CST

The Bowhunter squad intercepted the Manta-Flyer in the Bio-Ship and shot it down a few miles short of Belle Reve Penitentiary. They then confronted Task Force X on the ground. Artemis faced off against Monsieur Mallah and appealed to him to surrender given he and his teammates's poor track record against the Team. Task Force X was defeated and Clayface recovered.

The group then returned to the party, where they were joined by Roy and Jim Harper. When Roy expressed boredom with his Bowhunter gig, Artemis offered him a place on the Team again, which he accepted.[9]

March 2020

Star City
March 26, 07:09 PDT

Artemis had a happy breakfast with Will and Lian, before going to work at Royal University, and then on to a date with Jason Bard, then onto a mission with the Team against some Manta Troopers. She returned home to find Dick and Kaldur with Will, bearing bad news: Conner was dead.[20]

April 2020

Star City
April 17, 07:08 PDT

Artemis struggled through breakfast, and was distracted at work and on a date with Jason. She was also off her game with the Team, and had to be rescued by Nightwing after getting knocked down by a thug.[20]

The Watchtower
April 18, 03:11 EDT

Tigress visited the memorial garden, looking tearfully at the holograms of Conner and Wally West.[20]

Star City
April 18, 17:54 PDT

Artemis admitted to Will that she was having trouble coping with Conner's death. It gave her a determination to reach out to her sister, and Artemis discussed the prospect of bringing Jade back with their mother.

Later Artemis went to work at the library. She was followed, but called in members of the Team for back-up. Arsenal and Arrowette captured Onyx, who revealed she was a defector from the League of Shadows come to warn her that Cassandra Savage was coming to pose as a defector to infiltrate the Team. Savage appeared soon after, claiming she was the true defector and that Onyx was the mole. Tigress made arrangement to transport both to the Vault to resolve the issue.

En route, their cars were attacked by the Shadows. The Shadows were successfully repelled, with the help of both Onyx and Savage who slipped their bonds.

At the Vault, the two "defectors" were placed in holding cells, and Tigress discussed the possibilities with members of the Team, Will and Terra. Though no-one could agree that one or both of them could be trusted, Tigress felt she had to give both a chance.[20]

Star City
April 19, 04:16 EDT

Artemis returned home to find that Jade was there, having responded to an emergency signal Artemis had sent which Jade had set up with their mother.[20]

Star City
April 19, 04:18 PDT

Artemis explained the situation with the two defectors and asked for Jade's help. Jade was prepared to leave, but agreed to stay once Artemis pointed out that she had been followed from her-and Lian's-home.

Later at the Vault, Tigress had Looker telepathically interrogate both defectors, but the results were not conclusive.

Artemis went to Grant Park to meet Jade, but crossed paths with Jason. She was reluctantly forced to introduce her sister to her boyfriend, before Jason left them. Jade gave Artemis her approval of Jason, and her intel on Onyx and Cassandra, which did little to help clarify the situation.

Jade went on to interrogate both herself at the Vault, while Tigress and Orphan monitored. She told Tigress she thought both were either telling the truth or very good liars. They were interrupted by Black Spider and Rictus, who attempted to abduct Savage. The fight was stopped when Lady Shiva appeared and captured Orphan. She threatened to kill Orphan unless Tigress brought Savage to Santa Prisca. Shiva and the other Shadows then teleported out with Orphan thanks to Shade. Tigress was determined to get Orphan back, but was stunned when Jade revealed she was Shiva's daughter. But when Jade couldn't assure her Shiva would not kill her, Tigress decided to go with Savage and Onyx and attempt a rescue, and asked Jade to join them. Jade seemingly refused, but used their old code phrase to signal a meet-up.[23]

Caribbean Sea
April 20, 18:25 ECT

Tigress, Onyx and Savage took the Super-Cycle to Santa Prisca.[23]

Caribbean Sea
April 20, 18:31 ECT

Savage and Onyx argued over each other's trustworthiness. Tigress settled the argument by saying that they has to focus on saving Orphan and they would all be coming back. Over their darkwear, Oracle warned Tigress that at least one of her two companions had accessed the computer systems at the Vault and was clearly a traitor. Oracle offered Tigress the Bat-family's help, but Tigress refused.[81]

Santa Prisca
April 20, post-18:33 ECT

Having arrived near the shore, the trio donned diving gear to swim through the coastal defenses. Once they made it ashore, Tigress discreetly launched a camouflaged mini-drone under Oracle's control, and they moved inland. They took down a group of Shadow guards, with Tigress seemingly setting herself up for a fall to see if her companions could be trusted to have her back. With the guards down, they knew Shiva would know they had arrived on time, even though they were on the wrong side of the island. They sought out a place to hide until the next nightfall when they could travel safely.[81]

Santa Prisca
April 21, post-01:02 ECT

The group waited out the day in cave, before moving out at night. They reached the Shadows's headquarters. Oracle disabled the generators, allowing them to sneak in under darkness. They nearly reached the holding cells when Onyx turned on Savage, determined she should go no further as she must be a traitor. Savage threw off Onyx and revealed herself as having been working for the Shadows the whole time. She had used organic infiltrators to access the Vault's computer during the fight. She released the infiltrators to download their data into a base unit, but Oracle disrupted them with a sonic pulse from the drone. Savage was reinforced by Shade, Black Spider and Rictus, but Cheshire arrived to even the odds, using gas bombs to allow them to escape. They followed Oracle's drone to the cell holding Orphan, but as soon as they arrived they were caught up by Shade, Spider, Rictus, Savage, a large number of Shadows, and Shiva, who demanded their surrender.[81]

Santa Prisca
April 21, 21:04 ECT

Tigress stalled for time as Orphan attempted to free herself. She goaded Savage and Shiva into talking about their plans, in the process confirming Onyx had been an unknowing patsy. Orphan freed herself and cut the lights, leaving the two sides to fight in the dark. Tigress began fighting Rictus, but Oracle implored her to take on Shiva instead of Orphan. The pair switched enemies, but Tigress was soon out matched by Shiva who stabbed her though the thigh with Tigress's own blade. The lights were then restored, and Shiva once again demanded surrender, but Shade teleported Tigress and her group out to the beach.

Shiva followed, but was outmatched by the group and the Super-Cycle. Nonetheless, she demanded Orphan's return and goaded her into a fight. Tigress and Oracle pleaded with Orphan not to kill her mother, and Orphan spared Shiva's life. The group left on the Cycle.[19]

Key West
April 21, 23:38 EDT

The group went to a safe house, where Jade patched up Artemis wound. Artemis then rand Will, having convinced Jade to try coming back home, but during the video call Lian showed off her "mommy mask". Jade was horrified and fled.[19]

Caribbean Sea
April 22, 01:23 ECT

Tigress, Onyx and Orphan pursued Jade on the Super-Cycle. They caught up with her stolen helicopter just short of Infinity Island, but Jade forced them down into the water.[19]

Infinity Island
April 22, 01:25 ECT

Artemis caught up with Jade just as she was about to have a seemingly suicidal confrontation with Sensei and a Red Hooded Ninja, and stopped her. She asked Jade why she was so unwilling to be with her family and Jade admitted she was too much like their father, that she did not want Lian to become like her, and that she feared bringing Will and Lian into her cage with her. Artemis told Jade that they didn't have to turn out like their parents, that she herself was proof of that, and that it was not too late for Jade to change if she wanted to. Sensei admitted that the Shadows had manipulated Jade and Onyx to create a sense of family there to instill loyalty. No longer Shadows, Sensei and Ra's al Ghul offered to help Jade and Onyx come to terms with their experiences as Shadows, which both accepted. Though dubious at first, Artemis admitted it may be a good step forward, though she insisted on returning to check on them.[19]

Star City
April 22, 07:16 PDT

Artemis returned home to her family, Will, Lian, Paula and Brucely, at the kitchen table, and smiled.[19]

September 2020

The Watchtower
September 05, 20:56 EDT

Tigress helped Nightwing and Zatanna check the inventory records of the Watchtower. They found several items were missing, with the security footage revealing they were taken by the now missing Kid Flash.

Dick and Zatanna took Artemis to the warehouse, where they explained their theories about Conner still being alive. Artemis was dubious, but when Dick talked about Bart preparing to go to space, she told Dick about the League's recent mission to New Genesis.[82]

Dakota City
September 05, 20:24 CDT

Dick, Zatanna and Artemis went to Raquel's apartment to discuss her recent mission. After accessing Raquel's memories, the group was convinced Conner was in the Phantom Zone.[82]

Nightwing and Rocket brought Aquaman to the warehouse to gain his help.[82]

September 06, 00:16 EDT

At the Tower of Fate, the group anchored Zatanna's spell to summon Klarion. Zatanna had hoped to compel him to bring Conner out of the Phantom Zone, but Klarion was more willing to enter the Tower than expected and fought them using twisted versions of their own powers, fighting Tigress with an energy staff. Zatanna was able to force Klarion to honor his debt to her, but he did so only by sparing their lives. Tigress noted the plan went poorly, but Zatanna had a Plan B.[82]


She has been trained by her father,[13] making her an impressive archer and combatant, although she is not quite as polished or as physically strong as Red Arrow.[83]

  • Above-average human conditioning: Having undergone an evidently vigorous and intensive training regimen, Artemis has demonstrated impressive physical feats for a human of her age and size.[7]
    • Speed: Artemis is shown to be able to run at above-average speed for someone her age in combat situations.[13]
    • Endurance: Artemis appears able to maintain her stamina during long combative situations.
    • Agility: Artemis has proven to be at a high level of human agility, able to move, dodge and react to dangers with impressive agility.[25]
    • Strength: Artemis's physical strength is above most young women her age, as she is able to strike out full grown adults with a single blow and hold up people who are considerably heavier than her. She is capable of pressing her entire body weight. She can also do front flips holding all her weight on one arm. She has the strength of someone who engages in intensive exercise.[13]
    • Ambidexterity: Artemis is shown to be ambidextrous, as she draws her bow with her left and right hand.
  • Marksmanship: Artemis is an impressive marksman, able to hit assorted targets with assorted projectiles with ease and accuracy. She prefers using archery based weapons such as a compound bow or a crossbow. She has mastered the longbow, the shortbow,[84] the crossbow and a myriad of trick arrows. She can also shoot 2-3 arrows at a time and have them all hit their mark simultaneously. Her skills are such that she is able to hit targets inches in size meters away.[7]

Tigress kicking Black Beetle

  • Martial artist: Artemis is a skilled martial artist. She is able to take out multiple attackers with relative ease.[14] She could also contend with the highly trained Nightwing[17] and managed to strike the warrior Black Beetle.[52]
  • Acrobatics: Artemis is proficient in basic acrobatics.[13]
  • Above average intellect: Her intelligence is above average. She and Kid Flash both understand complex scientific terms.[26] She was granted a full Wayne Foundation Scholarship to Gotham Academy.[11]
    • Tracking: Artemis is capable of hunting down opponents who attempt to evade capture.[3]
    • First aid: Artemis has demonstrated some skills in emergency medicine when she tended to the dehydrated Aqualad,[13] and provided a sling for Kid Flash's broken arm.[32]
    • Multilingualism: Artemis can speak fluently in English, Vietnamese,[15] and French,[85] and excels in Spanish at school.[86]


As Artemis

Artemis wielding her bow.

  • Bow and Arrow: Like her mentor, Green Arrow, Artemis uses a bow and arrows in combat. Her bow is a compound bow (unlike Green Arrow, who uses a recurve bow).[3] When she is not using it, Artemis has been shown to be able to fold her bow inwards, and quickly snap it back into place when she needs it. She has occasionally used her bow to strike her opponents if she did not have time to shoot an arrow.[7] Her arrowheads are also differently shaped to those of Green Arrow—Artemis's are smoother and have no barbs, while Green Arrow's are more jagged and have two.[87]
  • Trick arrows: Like Green Arrow and Red Arrow, she has various trick arrows that she can use. So far she has been shown using: exploding arrow,[3] knock-out gas arrow,[3] grappling hook arrow,[26] bola arrow,[13] adhesive arrow,[7] impact arrow,[7] lasso arrow,[7] explosive arrow that splits into three once shot,[14] foam arrow that can release a high-density polyurethane foam to engulf and incapacitate its targets,[33] smoke screen arrow,[10] fire arrow,[10] net arrow,[8] and tracker arrow.[8]
  • Crossbow: She also uses a collapsible crossbow, as seen when she was dressed in civilian clothes.[26] She keeps the crossbow in the pouch on her leg while in uniform. It is pre-loaded with bolts.[25]
  • Handheld telescope: She uses it to scout long distances, and to make out details.[7]
  • Rebreather: She uses it to breathe underwater, after nearly drowning two missions in a row.[32]
  • Stealth-tech[14]

As Tigress

  • Bolts: Artemis carries orange/brown bolts for her crossbow. She stores them in her utility belt.
  • Blowpipe: A blowpipe with sedative darts.[17]
  • Bolas: Weighted balls connected by a rope, meant to entangle people.[17]
  • Crossbow: She has not given up trick arrows, as she has at least one bolt that opens as a net.[17] Another dispenses the high density polyurethane foam used by the Arrow family.[52]
  • Darts: Coated with a drug invented by Artemis's father, Sportsmaster, which causes catatonia for weeks.[50]
  • Explosive Pellets: Explodes on impact.[50]
  • Glamour Charm:(formerly) Originally created by Zatanna, Nightwing gave Artemis the charm so she could use it to alter her appearance in order to go undercover.[48]
  • Smoke bomb: A bomb filled with smoke that enables her to get away, quickly and stealthily.[49]
  • Sword/Staff: Initially, Tigress used a sword stored in a sheath on her back.[51] She later switched to a staff with removable sword.[19]
  • Collapsible staff: Tigress sometimes uses a collapsible staff that can be stored discreetly on her forearm.[58]
  • Darkwear[58]
  • Polar stealth[71]
  • Stealth-tech[88]
  • Mini-drone: Tigress has used a mini-drone to provide support, which can be controlled remotely by Oracle.[81]


Kid Flash

Main article: Kid Flash
Main article: Artemis and Kid Flash

Kid Flash and Artemis did not get along when they first met. He considered her the reason Red Arrow didn't join, and blamed her for every minor setback.[3] Likewise, she thought he was just annoying,[13] and did not like

Artemis and Kid Flash.

how he continually tried to hit on M'gann.[26] Their true feelings for each other were different, though. They got along perfectly when both their memories had been wiped,[13] and Wally was genuinely distraught after witnessing Artemis's "death" in a telepathic training exercise gone wrong.[33] In the aftermath, both asked Black Canary not to tell the other of their true feelings.[89] Wally eventually became more open to her, admitting he trusted her and she earned her place on the Team. His opinion changed drastically when it turned out she misdirected them and caused a mission to fail on purpose,[8] but he quickly turned around when she explained the reason.[36]

When Wally decided New Year's Day was the opportune moment to kiss her, both agreed they should have done it much earlier.[37] Their relationship lasted, though Wally had a habit of forgetting Valentine's Day. She and Wally moved to Palo Alto, adopted a pit bull and they attended college together there[15] until Nightwing needed her to fake her death for a secret mission only he, Kid Flash, Artemis, and Aqualad knew about.[48]

She had her doubts in the mission and missed Wally and their retirement.[51] She was reunited with him when he helped the Team extract her and Aqualad, and like him, longed for some time alone together.[52] They stayed close together when they helped stop a Reach plan to destroy the world. Her life was ripped apart when Wally sacrificed himself to save the Earth.

Needing distance, Artemis Crock decided to retire her green costume, which she considered belonging to Artemis, Kid Flash's partner.[53]


Main article: Robin/Nightwing

When Artemis joined, Robin was one of the first to accept her on the Team.[3] Though the two did not interact as often as some of the other members of the Team, the two clearly trusted each other. More importantly, they understood each other, being the only two in the Team without super powers.[5] Being a detective, Dick was able to figure out Artemis's secrets,[36] and though he had fun teasing her about them,[5] he did respect them enough to keep them, until she was ready to disclose them herself. After she did, he stated that it didn't matter, because she wasn't her family.[36] Years later he brought her in on the plan to place Aqualad in deep cover in Black Manta's organization, which shows his trust in her, and his faith in her abilities.[48]

Green Arrow

Main article: Green Arrow

Artemis was Green Arrow's protégé, following Red Arrow's decision to go solo. Their history together was a short one, having met only one day before her official presentation to the Team.[25] Since archery was her primary skill, she had admired him from a distance, and chose green as a costume color because of him.[90]

Paula Crock

Main article: Paula Crock

Artemis has a moment with her mother.

Artemis shared a small apartment in Gotham with her mother, a Vietnamese woman, who is confined to a wheelchair after an accident on the job. Paula has a previous criminal history, and had spent six years in prison, before only recently being released and reunited with her daughter.[7] She was adamant that Artemis made a better life for herself, and take the opportunities she never had.[11][25]

Paula was emotionally devastated at Artemis's supposed death in the hands of Aqualad. She confided to Kid Flash that the two days following her daughter's death was the hardest in her life—harder than prison, or when she lost the use of her legs.[1] She has not yet fully recovered from her grief over two months after the funeral.[51]


Main article: Sportsmaster

Artemis and her father.

Artemis's father, Sportsmaster,[8] mercilessly pushed her and trained her for combat from an early age.[84] He is also the one who taught her how to use a bow and arrow. They have a very strained relationship, and Artemis mentioned that before she joined the Team he was constantly subjecting her to tests, and putting her against her sister Jade in fights.[13] Artemis always hoped the family could stay together,[5] but neither her father nor her mother felt that was a good idea.[7] Sportsmaster refers to Artemis as "Baby Girl",[8] and always has.[91]

Although Sportsmaster was angered at Artemis's supposed death, his anger seemed to stem from concerns about his professional reputation, and not familial ties. When Miss Martian gathered him, Cheshire, Tigress, Aqualad, and herself in a mindscape, Sportsmaster was unable to detect his own daughters' presence. However, when he was finally convinced that Artemis was actually alive and in a deep undercover mission, he was pleased at her "playing the Light for chumps". He readily granted the favor she asked, indicating that deep down, he does love his daughter.[51]

Red Arrow

Main article: Red Arrow

Red Arrow, Artemis and Green Arrow.

Artemis replaced Red Arrow as Green Arrow's protégé. On their first meeting, Red Arrow was not impressed, and knew full well that her story was a lie. He was impressed with her skill, but warned her not to betray his friends.[3] She eventually earned his trust after saving his life and the two become more accepting of the others presence.[2]

By 2018, their relationship had improved greatly thanks in part to Lian's birth. Artemis had moved in with Red Arrow to help him take care of Lian.[65]


Main article: Cheshire

Cheshire unmasked by Artemis.

Cheshire is Artemis's older sister, and once lived with Artemis and their parents, growing up to strongly dislike their father. When Artemis was young and their mother was sent to prison, Jade left the house. Artemis pleaded with her to stay, to keep the family together, but she would not budge. She would've taken Artemis with her but she thought that Artemis would only slow her down.[5]

In their guises as Artemis the hero and Cheshire, the sisters have a complicated relationship. While each is determined to frustrate the other, they both appear to genuinely care for each other. Artemis was visibly downcast when she learned that Cheshire's jet had crashed in the Smokey Mountains, and was similarly elated when Cheshire revealed that she had survived. Likewise, Cheshire rescued Artemis from an avalanche in the battle that ensued, and did not aid Sportsmaster when he attempted to "discipline" his errant child in Santa Prisca.[36]

Artemis's "death" at the hands of Aqualad greatly affected Cheshire, and she vowed to avenge her sister by killing him.[1] She risked everything to infiltrate the Manta-Sub with her father to exact her vengeance. When she discovered the truth, Cheshire immediately dropped her vendetta. Artemis called Cheshire's act to be sweet but Cheshire tried to conceal her selflessness from Tigress by saying that she sought vengeance because she was angry at the loss of a babysitter for Lian.[51]


Main article: Zatanna

Artemis and Zatanna gravitated towards each other—from their first meeting, Artemis could see that Zatanna would fit in great.[32] Though she didn't join the Team, Artemis would continue pressing the issue.[10][34] Zatanna reciprocated this friendship, offering to go out with Artemis on Halloween after Artemis learns about Miss Martian and Superboy's relationship.[10]

Artemis is there for her sad friend in her yearly reunion with her father.[10][60]


Main article: Superboy

Early on, Artemis had a crush on Superboy, and was not at all frightened to show it.[3] She later found out that M'gann and Conner were dating and although she was upset at first, she came to accept their relationship.[10] They later became good friends to the point Artemis began to see Conner as a brother and becomes grief-stricken after learning about his death.[20]


Background information

  • Artemis was the first character revealed to have been cast in the show when voice actress Stephanie Lemelin announced on her blog in February 2010 that she had been cast in the series Young Justice League as the character Arrowette, one of Green Arrow's sidekicks from DC Comics, but the post was soon after taken down.[92][93] When Warner Brothers. officially announced the series (as Young Justice) in April, it was revealed that the character was actually a different character called Artemis.[94]
Greg Weisman has since explained that Artemis and Arrowette (Cissie King-Jones) are two different characters. Furthermore, he said:
"Artemis is also not Speedy (Mia) or Wonder Girl (any of them) or an Amazon (at all) or from Apokolips (period). But she is an existing DC Comics character. We did NOT create her".[95]
In late December 2010, over a month before Artemis's first appearance, Cartoon Network produced bio cards for all Young Justice members on their Young Justice website. The bio card for Artemis listed her secret identity as "Classified" but called her the niece of Green Arrow.[4] In Artemis's first appearance, the episode "Infiltrator" on 11 February 2011, it was revealed that Artemis is not really Green Arrow's niece, but that this is a cover story she, Batman, and Green Arrow himself tell the rest of the Team.[3]
She was finally revealed as being Artemis Crock in the episode "Downtime".
  • In the comics prior to the events of Flashpoint, Artemis Crock was the villainess Tigress. She later married Icicle Jr., and she gave birth to a baby girl named Isabelle Rose Mahkent. Following the 2011 reboot of the DCU, a character named Artemis, who bears a resemblance to the Young Justice version, appeared briefly in the rebooted Teen Titans title, as a hostage of the group N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
  • Artemis's costume seems to take influence from several other archers from DC comics, especially those of Speedy (Mia Dearden) and Arrowette (Cissie King-Jones). Both are associated with the Green Arrow family.
  • This is Artemis's second animated appearance. She appeared in a cameo in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.



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