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Tod Donner is an anchor working for GBS.

Physical appearance

Tod is a skinny man with grayish eyes and graying brown hair. He wears a gray tie and white shirt under his gray suit. His pants and shoes are gray as well.



August 08, 13:57 PDT

Donner was the moderator of Sandra Stanyon's Q&A at Goode World Studios classic movie festival. He started the Q&A by asking Sandra how it was like to start working in the business at such a young age. Then he elicited questions from the audience.[1]



Background information

  • Tod Donner had a couple of appearances in Cary Bates' and Greg Weisman's Captain Atom, where he was the host of the late night current affairs program Nightzone. He was a fictional version of Ted Koppel.
  • This is his first animated appearance.


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