Toyman is a criminal who uses toy-based technology for his crimes.

Physical appearance Edit

Toyman has brown eyes and long brown hair that reaches below shoulder length, with a portion of his hair tied in a pony tail. His attire consists of a red button-up vest, in addition to a white, high collar shirt underneath. His outfit is completed by blue jeans, laced shoes, and a green jacket with multiple pockets – as well as three yellow stripes on each arm of the jacket. Toyman also wears a pair of round-rimmed glasses, white gloves, and a red bow tie with protruding strings.

History Edit

2016 Edit

June 13, 20:28 EDT

Toyman wanted to rob the First Bank of Metropolis, using a giant tin soldier. After steering it through the streets, he tore through the bank's roof, grabbed the safe and planned to make off. Blue Beetle arrived and managed to destroy the mechanical hand holding the safe, leaving Toyman with no other choice but to escape without the loot. He had expected Superman in Metropolis, and did not want to be taken down by the new global hero. His escape was thwarted when Blue Beetle used his sonic cannon to disrupt the tin soldier in flight, and carried Toyman safely to the police.[3]

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Background information Edit

  • There have been three Superman villains named Toyman: Winslow Schott, Jack Nimball and Hiro Okamura. This version of Toyman is based on Winslow Schott.
  • This is Winslow Schott's 5th animated iteration. He first appeared in The New Adventures of Superman. A radically different version was used in the DCAU (Superman: The Animated Series, Static Shock, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited), and a slightly different version in Superman: Doomsday. The classic version was used again in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

References Edit

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