The Tribune is a magistrate of Rimbor.

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April 2, 20:04 UTC

The Tribune served as one of the members on the jury on Rimbor while members of the Justice League were put on trail to answer charges of intergalactic vandalism. Superman attempted to convince him and the court that the heroes were innocent―pleading that they were brainwashed by Vandal Savage and sent on a destructive rampage on the planet. The trial was interrupted by breaking news that the Reach had taken a foothold on Earth. In the stands, Mongul stood up and angrily stormed out of the courtroom.[1]

June 20, 00:16 UTC

The Tribune announced the court had found the Leaguers guilty as charged. Miss Martian, Superboy and Adam Strange arrived with evidence of their innocence after the verdict was delivered.[2]

June 20, post-10:16 UTC

The High Court reconvened to hear the new evidence. Initially unimpressed, the Tribune made it clear he expected more. Superboy and Miss Martian attempted to convince him of the future benefits of delivering a fair verdict in the high-profile case.[2]

June 20, post-11:16 UTC

The Tribunal returned to pronounce the League innocent and ordered their release.[2]

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