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Troia is the current United Nations Secretary-General,[6] and was formerly the UN ambassador representing Themyscira. Like Wonder Woman, she is a princess of the Amazons.[7] Before her tenure in politics, she was a member of the Team.[8]

Physical Appearance

Troia is an olive skinned woman with straight black hair that goes past her shoulders and gray-blue eyes. She has a muscular physique with a full figure. She wears a short white off-shoulder dress with crossed straps over her chest and visible seams. The front of her dress has a black wide pteruges-like flap. She also wears black thigh-high sandals with brown accents and garters along with golden kneepads similar to Wonder Woman's. At her waist is a brown belt with a round buckle. Around her wrist are golden bracelets.[3]


She was the protégé of Wonder Woman,[5] starting some time after July 4, 2010.[9] She joined the Team in 2012[10] and left in 2015.[11]


In January,[12] Troia was present as the UN ambassador for Themyscira when the UN came under attack by the Joker. The Joker's Joker venom bombs were disabled by the Bat-family before the Joker could detonate them, saving everyone.[13]

New York City
July 30, 14:21 EDT

During a meta-human summit in the General Assembly, Troia sided with Atlantean ambassador Garth, who expressed his anger at the increased limitations placed on the Justice League. She argued that heroes would do the right thing, regulations or no. This was met with criticism from Rhelasia's Kaizen Gamorra, who accused her of supporting vigilantes.[14]

Hall of Justice
November 06, post-14:59 EST

Troia and Catherine Cobert delivered speeches in front of the press, at the ruins of the Hall of Justice. Troia expressed her dismay regarding the stalling of the plans to renovate the site. She blamed this on Lex Luthor's "process", and expressed concern for the effect that Luthor's policies might ultimately have when applied to the Justice League's life and death missions.[8]

December 31, 09:00 CAT

The Bwundan Independence Front attacked U.N. ambassadors Garth and Troia during a gathering at one of the hotels owned by Luthor. Troia was assaulted in her hotel room while conversing with Wonder Woman on her laptop, though Miss Martian, Halo and Terra were able to intervene and prevent her assassination. In the aftermath of this altercation, Troia left her room to confront the Flash and the Outsiders, who had just saved Garth's life. Troia questioned Flash regarding his involvement in the rescue, citing the fact that members of the Justice League were not allowed to enter Bwunda. Luthor then informed Troia that he had summoned the Justice League for help. He proceeded to use the ease with which Flash had been able to step in to then strengthen his argument that the Outsiders' involvement was not necessary.[3]


New York City
[[February 16, 2019|February 16]], post-04:25 EST

Troia was present at the UN when Black Lightning accused Lex Luthor of defying UN regulations and being involved in meta-human trafficking.[15]

New York City
February 17, 12:04 EST

She was at the General Assembly when Luthor attempted to deny the accusations against him as fake news, and Superboy testified about Luthor's involvement in his creation at Cadmus.[15]

After Luthor resigned on February 20, Troia was rumored to be his likely successor,[15] and she later became the new UN Secretary-General.[6]

After becoming Secretary-General, Violet Harper told Troia about Madia and Samad Daou, and she helped them get US visas.[16]


In May, Troia pushed for UN inpsections of Markovia's meta-human program.[6]

May 14, 05:49 EDT

Troia, along with Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl, helped bystanders caught in the area of reversed gravity around the pillar of fire created by Child.[17]

Troia was among those considered as a possible Justice League reservist.[18]

On or shortly after September 9, a dedication ceremony was held by Black Lightning and Troia for the building of a new Hall of Justice to begin the following Spring on Justice Island, opposite United Nations headquarters. Troia wanted it to represent a new era of partnership between the two organizations.[19]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Troia attended Conner and M'gann's wedding.[20]

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: Troia has the ability to fly unaided.[3]
  • Super strength: In strength, she is roughly the equal of Wonder Girl.[21] Notably, she possesses enough strength to punch Lady Shiva across a room.[3]
  • Superhuman Longevity: Troia is 78 years old but her apparent age is equivalent to a normal human around 20 years old.[1]



Background information

  • Troia is the second Wonder Girl, a character with a very confusing and changing background. Her exact backstory has varied in the comics, ranging from an orphan adopted by Amazons to a magical duplicate of Diana. She is a founding member of the Teen Titans. Originally just known as Wonder Girl, she was later given the civilian identity Donna Troy. Once she learned more of her origin, she used the name Troia, which is her only confirmed identity in the show.
  • Very early in development, Donna was considered as a leading candidate for the Team in season one, but was quickly removed from consideration for legal reasons. She was later made available, but too late for use in the first season.[22]
    • She was planned to appear at Raquel Ervin's bridal shower in "Satisfaction" and the gathering of heroes in "Endgame", but there was not sufficient time to design the character.[22]
  • This is Donna Troy's 7th animated appearance. She first appeared in the Teen Titans shorts part of the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, the Teen Titans TV series, the animated movie Justice League: The New Frontier, the Super Best Friends Forever shorts, the DC Super Friends web series and in the animated movie Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.


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