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Trombus's red sun dominates the sky.

Trombus is a planet orbiting the red sun Gamma Crucis, with an atmosphere suitable for humans.[1] It has no native sentient life or technology.[2]



September 13, 23:45 UTC

Black Lightning, Superman, Miss Martian, Green Lantern Forager, Orion, J'emm J'axx, Phantom Girl and Danny Chase boom tubed to Trombus to attempt to open a boom tube to the Phantom Zone. The planet's red sun would ensure that any Kryptonians who escaped would not gain superpowers. Danny and Motherbox were able to open the boom tube successfully, but the group was ambushed by Ma'alefa'ak, who took control of the Kaizer-Thrall from Danny and subdued the group. Shortly after, Dru-Zod, Ursa Zod, Faora Hu-Ul and Superboy emerged from the boom tube. As Superboy collapsed due to his injuries, the Zod's were greeted by their son.[1]

September 14, 00:01 UTC

Lor explained his existence and mission to his parents. After they came under attack by Forager, Lor had them all evacuate to Earth via boom tube. The rescue party recovered and left Trombus on Bio-Ship.[3]

The Justice League came up with a plan to release the Kryptonian prisoners from the Phantom Zone onto Trombus, where they could build a new civilization on the barren world under the watch of the League, New Genesis and the Green Lantern Corps. The Kryptonians were abducted from the Zone by the Light before this could happen.[2]


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