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"True Heroes" is the 13th episode of the third season of Young Justice, and the 59th of the overall series. It debuted on January 25, 2019 on DC Universe, along with the 10th, 11th and 12th episodes, "Exceptional Human Beings", "Another Freak" and "Nightmare Monkeys".


Grayson's operatives attempt to stop an auction of enslaved meta-teens.


Happy Harbor
October 31, 17:42 EDT

Brion Markov, Violet Harper, Fred Bugg and Victor Stone are set to attend the Halloween dance at Happy Harbor High School, though Victor seems hesitant to go. However, Dick Grayson arrives with Artemis Crock and Conner Kent, telling them they have a solid lead on Tara Markov's whereabouts. Brion and Violet are both ready to go on the mission, but Dick tells Violet she needs to stay with Victor in case something happens to him. Helga Jace tells Jefferson Pierce that he should go with the others and she will keep an eye on Violet and Victor. The heroes board the Bio-Ship and depart.

Earth’s Upper Atmosphere
October 31, 21:46 UTC

Forager pilots the Bio-Ship to Greater Bialya as Nightwing explains to everyone what he knows. He explains that the VR Goggles manufactured by Goode World Studios were designed to test for the Meta-Gene. Subjects who tested positive received subliminal messages that brainwashed them and sent them to a nearby depot where meta-humans were captured. Nightwing explains that the Justice Leage and the Team are sending squads to take down all depots simultaneously. Black Lightning questions why they are working for the League and Nightwing says that Garfield Logan gave M'gann M'orzz the intel first, then she took it to the League. However, she made sure his squad got the Bialya location because of the connection to Tara Markov.

When Brion asks about the connection between Tara and Bialya, Nightwing says another source (Batman, though Nightwing doesn't disclose this) investigating the League of Shadows overheard that Tara had been turned over to someone named Granny. He believes that, given Gretchen Goode's connection to the goggles, that Granny refers to her nickname, Granny Goodness. Nightwing adds that Jaqqar Marlo, believed to be killed with a Shadows member with earth powers, worked for Goode R&D on the goggles and ran a shell company that purchased an abandoned mall in Bialya. The mall isa meta-human depot and the list of meta-humans held there included a 15-year-old female with earth powers, who Brion realizes is his sister.

Back at Happy Harbor, Violet is worried for Brion's safety and Helga tries to calm her down. Helga explains that she had a daughter and brushing her hair would calm her. She tells Violet her daughter was taken from her, but wants to focus on helping Violet, who allows her to brush her hair. Helga asks Victor to leave the room, who goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water and says they can pretend he's not here. As Helga talks to Violet about what she's going through, Victor says he can't pretend he's not there and Helga tells him he can behave like an adult. The Fatherbox component in Victor's tech then starts to take control of him.

Greater Bialya
November 01, 01:43 UTC+3

The Bio-Ship arrives at the abandoned mall, Forager having put the ship in camouflage mode. Superboy mentions that M'gann took Sphere to transport a group to take down a depot in Utah, where their presence was less likely to cause an international incident.

November 01, 01:44 UTC+3

Nightwing sends a bug to investigate the mall and adjusts his spy tech to allow the others to see what he sees. Most of the people wear white masks, but Nightwing is more concerned about Onslaught, or the meta-humans who work for Queen Bee: Psimon, Devastation, Icicle Jr., Shimmer, Mammoth and the Terror Twins.

Mister Bliss arrives on the scene and introduces the first meta-humans up for bid: Holocaust and Tara Markov, who is called Terra. Nightwing realizes the depot is a fight club for meta-human teens, who are enslaved by control chips. Brion is ready to intervene, but Nightwing and Superboy warn him that Psimon can detect strong emotions, so Brion will need to stay calm. Brion agrees and Nightwing starts discussing a plan.

Back at Happy Harbor, Wolf wakes up and growls, realizing that the Fatherbox is controlling Victor. Wolf attacks but Victor takes him out. He fires a beam at Helga and Violet, who try to avoid it, but the impact knocks them into the wall and Helga is out cold. Violet tries to cleanse him, but can't, and Victor says that the Motherbox can't handle human emotions and thus Violet's powers won't work. He then attacks Violet.

The heroes, disguised as masked patrons, sneak into the fight club and find Holocaust and Terra engaged in a fight. Before Psimon can scan the area to locate anyone suspicious, Black Lightning sends a spark along the metal guardrail, which zaps Psimon when he touches the rail and knocks him out. Holocaust defeats Terra, Mister Bliss asks if anyone will bid for her services and a masked Artemis does so. Meanwhile, Devastation tends to Psimon and alerts the rest of Onslaught to be on high alert.

The heroes slip out with Terra, who is relieved to be reunited with her brother. The limousine the heroes ride in transforms into the Bio-Ship, camouflages and departs.

Victor corners Violet in the bathroom, but gets control for a moment and tells her to run. She hesitates and Fatherbox takes control of Victor again. Violet realizes that she may not understand her new emotions, but understands about helping others in need and must help Victor. She says those emotions might get in the way, but believes they may be a source of strength. Violet accesses her power to cleanse the Fatherbox.

Brion removes the control chip from Terra. She tells him she knows about what happened to her parents. Brion is about to introduce her to the others, but finds them dressed in stealth gear. Nightwing says they need to go rescue the rest of the teens and shut the depot down. He tells the others to stay on the Bio-Ship and says Forager should keep it nearby in camouflage mode, then be ready to lay down cover fire when it's time to extract them.

Black Lightning shorts out the power to the depot, but there's an emergency generator that powers the cell in which the meta-humans are held captive. Nightwing radios Forager to create a distraction and Forager fires the Bio-Ship upon the depot. Devastation radios the rest of Onslaught, sending Mammoth, Shimmer and Icicle Jr. to investigate the explosion and the Terror Twins to remain guarding the metas.

Outside the depot, Superboy takes down Bialyan guards and Icicle Jr. recognizes him. The two exchange banter, though Icicle Jr. can't help but congratulate Superboy on his engagement to M'gann. Superboy takes him down as Mammoth and Shimmer arrive on the scene. Forager again fires the Bio-Ship to distract them.

Nightwing and Artemis slip past the Twins to shut down the cell, but the Twins spot them before they can escape with the teens. Black Lightning intervenes and takes them down for a moment, but Devastation attacks him. Back outside, Superboy battles Mammoth and Shimmer, with Forager aiding him by firing the Bio-Ship.

Tara and Brion witness the action and Tara feels guilty about the things she was made to do while she was enslaved. Brion said nobody holds her responsible and Tara says she doesn't want the other teens to be forced to do similar things and they need to help.

The heroes are having trouble taking down Onslaught, when Geo-Force and Terra arrive, allowing Nightwing and Artemis to escape with the teens. Geo-Force and Terra use their powers to hold off the Twins and they escape. Outside, Superboy has taken down Shimmer and he and Forager work together to take out Mammoth. Everyone escapes to the Bio-Ship, save for Black Lightning, whose lightning powers eventually knock Devastation out, allowing him to board. The rescued teens thank the heroes for their help.

Happy Harbor
November 01, 03:16 EDT

The heroes return to Megan and Conner's home and Conner reveals that all League and Team raids were successful and those rescued are safe at the Taos Meta-Human Youth Center. Victor Stone tells the others that Violet has permanently cleansed him of Fatherbox's influence. Tara says she forgives Helga for what happened and Brion introduces his sister to his girlfriend, Violet. The adults go inside to straighten up the living room, with Helga taking interest in the brush she used on Violet. Dick says that, while he's not sure what to do with Victor yet, that Geo-Force, Terra, Halo and Forager might have a place on the Team.

Star City
November 01, 06:23 PDT

Tara, who is staying at Will Harper's house, wakes up and takes her phone to send a text message.

Santa Prisca
November 01, 09:24 ECT

Deathstroke receives a message on his phone that says "I'm in."


The title may refer to Violet Harper and Brion Markov learning what it means to be a "true hero." Violet must learn to cope with human emotions to regain control of her powers so she can help Victor Stone. Brion learns to work with the rest of the heroes so they can rescue his sister, and after that, he and his sister utilize their powers to help rescue the other abducted teens and escape.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Troy Baker Brion Markov/Geo-Force
Mister Bliss  
Diane Delano Devastation
Zehra Fazal Violet Harper
Grey Griffin Helga Jace
Yuri Lowenthal Icicle Jr.
Tommy Terror
Stephanie Lemelin Artemis Crock
Jesse McCartney Dick Grayson
Nolan North Conner Kent
Khary Payton Jefferson Pierce
Zeno Robinson Victor Stone/Fatherbox
Jason Spisak Fred Bugg/Forager
Tara Strong Tara Markov  
Non-speaking roles
Batman (flashback)
Cassandra Savage (flashback)
Lady Shiva (flashback)
G. Gordon Godfrey (flashback)
Garfield Logan (flashback)
Jaqqar Marlo (flashback)
Oracle (flashback)
Perdita (flashback)
Sumaan Harjavti
Tuppence Terror
2 Character debut
1 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut




  • After Helga Jace picks up the brush, her hair is gray.
  • When the power goes out, Mister Bliss urges spectators to return to their seats. The venue has no seats; guests view the arena from the walkways and landings.

Cultural references

  • Mister Bliss' welcome in three languages to the audience is taken from the opening song of Cabaret, "Willkommen". His appearance – a tuxedo and grease paint face – is similar to the way the Kit Kat Club's Emcee is traditionally dressed.


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  • Brion: Violet, I want you to know...
  • Dick: No speeches, Prince, we're going. Now!

  • Holocaust: Tell them, Bliss, the girl is toast. Or should I toast her to prove it?
  • Mister Bliss: No, thank you, Holocaust. A living loser still knits a pretty penny.

  • Fatherbox: No more reprieves, Motherbox. I'm coming for you.

  • Tigress: Emergency generator. Don't you hate it when the bad guys are prepared?

  • Icicle Jr.: Don't play nice! You think I've forgiven you? You stole my girl! I mean, sure, I didn't know she was Miss Martian, but I was totally into her and you knew that!
  • Superboy: Yeah, but I was into her first. I just hadn't figured it out till you helped bring us together. I owe you for that. Hey, we're engaged now.
  • Icicle Jr.: Dude, congratulations! No, really, that's awesome! I always thought you guys made a great couple. Maybe that means there's hope for me too.
  • Superboy: I hope so. (kicks him down)
  • Icicle Jr.: Ow.

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