This article is about the fake Tseng. For its human counterpart, see Tseng.

"Tseng" was a robot suit worn by a Krolotean to impersonate the actual Secretary General Tseng.

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2015 Edit

Kroloteans abducted Tseng and replaced him with a duplicate controlled from inside, much like a suit. The fake Tseng's speech patterns and mannerisms were essentially identical to the original. It is unknown whether the abduction occurred before or during Tseng's tenure as the UN Secretary General.[1][2]

2016 Edit

New York City
January 1, 18:23 EST
Fake Tseng destroyed

The disguise robot suit is destroyed.

An unknown party hired the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo to capture or kill the Krolotean posing as Tseng. The contract specified that Lobo was to put on a show for the locals. When Lobo forced his way past police and security forces, the fake Tseng received assistance from Beta Squad's Batgirl and Wonder Girl. After a pitched battle, "Tseng" was captured and ripped apart. Its Krolotean operator was taken captive by Lobo, who promptly returned to space on his spacecraft.[1]

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