Two-Face[nb 1] is a villain who faced off with Batman and Robin at least once.

Physical appearance Edit

Two-Face is a caucasian male with brown hair. The left half of his face is horribly scarred, exposing part of his jaw and eyeball. His hair on that half is white.[1]

History Edit

Early life Edit

While under Psycho-Pirate's trance, Robin remembered fighting Two-Face with Batman.[1]

2015 Edit

Gotham City
December 1, 16:57 EST

Batman and Robin were in Two-Face's lair,[2] an apartment split between comfortable modern living room and medieval torture chamber, when they received an update on the Metropolis emergency from Red Tornado.[3]

Background information Edit

  • In the comics, Harvey Dent is Two-Face. Originally a stalwart ally of Batman and Commissioner Gordon, he becomes a victim of the gang war when acid is thrown in his face during the trial of a major mob boss. Underlying mental problems arise, and he sets out to destroy the underworld. He currently is one of Gotham's major crime lords, often battling for turf with the Penguin.

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Notes Edit

  1. This character has yet to be named, however, he resembles the Batman villain Two-Face. The article's name is conjecture based on this likeness.

References Edit

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