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Ultra-Humanite is a supervillain, former member of the Injustice League and current member of the Light.

Physical appearance

As a woman he was thin with long gray hair and an extremely aged appearance.

As the Ultra-Humanite is a large white gorilla with a gray face. His upper head has been replaced by a brain-like protrusion, a product of his transplant.[2] He also has a small scar over the right side of his mouth.


Early life

The old woman.

The Ultra-Humanite was originally a male scientist. At some point prior to 2008, he transferred his brain into the body of a woman.[4]

The Ultra-Humanite was an enemy of the Justice Society of America and the All-Star Squadron.[5]

In 2008 a group of scientists, led by the now aged woman and a thin man, arrived in Bwunda to conduct experiments on the indigenous gorillas. The first one to be captured was Tolifhar, an albino gorilla, who had his brain replaced with the female leader's, thus becoming the Ultra-Humanite. Then, he and Monsieur Mallah removed the thin man's brain and stored it in a robotic container.

The scientists built a compound of laboratories, which they named "Gorilla City" as a display of sadistic mockery, and proceeded to enslave an entire troop of gorillas, save for one who managed to elude them. They subdued the gorillas with inhibitor collars and enhanced them with brain procedures and Kobra-Venom. In order to ensure the gorilla's cooperation, the scientists held their children hostage.[2]


September 26, 20:11 CAT

When the Team invaded Bwunda, he approached Brain and suggested to send out Grodd.[6]

"Gorilla City"
September 26, 23:59 CAT

Grodd and Solovar brought them to him and Brain. Brain translated the hand signs of Solovar to inform them that Miss Martian has escaped and that they didn't bring Wolf. Ultra-Humanite explained that Brain didn't order to capture the Wolf but only the Team and that they were not smart enough to understand it. Ultra-Humanite wondered if the Kobra-Venom is the cause of the mental enhancement and watched Grodd and Solovar off to capture Miss Martian and Wolf.[6]

"Gorilla City"
September 27, 00:00 CAT

Ultra-Humanite discussed possible experiments to perform on the captured Team members with the Brain. When Grodd brought in Wolf, he wondered where Miss Martian was, and shortly after realized Robin had escaped. Robin detonated smoke pellets; when the smoke cleared, the Team was free and armed. Ultra-Humanite ordered Grodd to attack, but the gorillas sided with the Team. He began firing his weapon but was disarmed by Aqualad. Grodd tackled him, claiming vengeance for Tolifhar. Ultra-Humanite was surprised to learn the gorillas were telepathic. The Brain activated the base's self-destruct, forcing everyone to flee.[2]

Bayou Bartholomew
October 1, 18:52 CDT

Ultra-Humanite had joined the ranks of the Injustice League and was responsible for the technology in the modified plant creature that coordinated the global plant attacks. After the Team arrived on the group's headquarters, he spent most of the time fighting Superboy and Wolf. He surrendered when the Justice League arrived,[3] and was taken to Belle Reve.[7]

Belle Reve Penitentiary
December 30, post-09:48 CST

After an ambush on the Team involving Belle Reve in-mates made it clear the prison was under the Light's control, Vandal Savage called Hugo Strange to alert him, instructing him to open all the doors.[8]


At some point during this time period, Ultra-Humanite joined the ranks of the Light.[9]


Greater Bialya
September 30, 01:01 UTC+3

After hearing the report on the actions the heroes in Markovia had on the Light's meta-human supply chains, he decried the loss.[9]


Khüiten Peak
January 22, 12:18 ICT

The Ultra-Humanite received Helga's text, assuring her that arrangements have been made to get her kids out, and that she must be ready.[10]

Khüiten Peak
January 22, 17:20 ICT

Ultra-Humanite called into a conference of the Light. After Gretchen Goode lamented Nightwing and Black Lightning's escape, Humanite assured her he had plans to get hold of Halo. Goode wanted Halo for her own plans, but Humanite cited the Light's tradition of the leader of an op getting first option on its fruits.[11]

Dakota City
January 22, post-04:24 PST

Ultra-Humanite and Goode met with Helga Jace at Jace's lab. As agreed, Jace had brought Halo, Tara and Brion Markov with her. Humanite was upset Goode had gotten Darkseid to get Savage to agree to giving Halo to her. Goode took control of Halo with a cerebral leash, then had Overlord take the group to an X-Pit so she could test her theory that Halo was the key to the Anti-Life Equation. As Goode explained to Humanite that the Equation was key to removing someone's free will, she used Helga as a test subject. Once the test proved successful, Goode returned them to the lab. Humanite said Goode had overplayed her hand, but with the Equation, Goode no longer needed the Light. Tara then revealed she was not under control chip and freed her brother. Before the Markovs could do anything, Humanite boom tubed away with Helga using a Fatherbox.

Later, Humanite reported to the Light. News of the Anti-Life Equation alarmed even Savage.[11]

Khüiten Peak
February 15, 09:02 ICT

Along with the rest of the Light, Humanite watched Tod Donner's report about the Justice League taking down a meta-human trafficking ring in outer space and rescuing 316 abductees. The Light decided to proceed with the next step of their plan.[12]

February 15, 18:35 EST

Through a monitor, Humanite convened with the Light. They agreed to a plan to have Terra publicly kill Beast Boy in order to discredit the Outsiders and give cause for Lex Luthor to demand registration of meta-humans.[13]

Khüiten Peak
February 23, 00:00 ICT

In the aftermath of Brion Markov's coup, the Light discussed their victories, as they now controlled Markovia through the "Puppet King" Brion, thanks to their newest member Zviad Baazovi. Savage briefed them on his meeting with Darkseid and remarked that they should keep an eye on Halo.[13]


Sometime between October 2018 and April 2020, Humanite took part in Project Thrinos, creating and force growing clones of Arion and Ocean-Master.[14]

Khüiten Peak
May 14, 07:32 ICT

Humanite called in to a Light conference. Baazovi updated the others on the meta program in Markovia. He was interrupted when a panicked Klarion abruptly left.[15]

The Warworld
September 16, 20:19 UTC

After Klarion had captured all of the Kryptonians in the Phantom Zone, Vandal Savage and Ultra-Humanite admired their captives in the statis cells. Klarion teleported the Warworld out of the Zone.[16]


Ultra-Humanite wears a deep red harness and a belt of the same color. Both held a selection of golden colored bullets to reload the large gun he typically carried.[7] He can talk through a thought-to-speech box.[9] He carries a Fatherbox, allowing him to open boom tubes.[11]


Background information

  • Young Justice marks Ultra-Humanite's fourth animated appearance. He previously appeared in Justice League and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and he had a cameo in Justice League: The New Frontier.


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