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The United Nations (commonly abbreviated to UN) is a conglomerate of nations based on Earth. It has a special Justice League charter, giving the League jurisdiction in the signatories' territory,[1] as well as granting the League UN funding.[2]

United Nations Headquarters is located in New York City.[3]



New York City
October 1, 18:13 EDT

In response to a series of worldwide plant attacks, the UN prepared the ransom that the Injustice League requested as a backup measure, should the Justice League fail to defeat them.[4]


A Krolotean posing as Tseng was the UN Security General for some time. It is unknown if the real Tseng ever held the position in the first place.[3]


New York City
January 1, 18:23 EST

Lobo attacked the United Nations building in New York. He was trying to get to the impostor Tseng. Batgirl and Wonder Girl tried to stop Lobo, but he achieved his goal. He exposed Tseng as a Krolotean in a robot suit. He left the building with the Krolotean.[3]

New York City
March 31, 06:41 EDT

Tseng welcomed the Reach ambassador at the United Nations building.[5]

New York City
April 1, 19:20 EDT

Tseng and the ambassador held a meeting with Captain Atom about recent events.[6]

New York City
May 25, 05:31 EDT

At the UN building, and with Tseng by his side, the ambassador pledged the Reach would help in the battle against Mongul.[7]

New York City
June 19, 05:27 EDT

After Captain Atom presented evidence that the Reach were hostile invaders during an emergency session of the UN, and following a unanimous vote, Secretary Tseng rescinded the Reach's invitation to stay on Earth, and demanded they leave.[8]

New York City
June 20, pre-06:16 EDT

G. Gordon Godfrey led a protest against the Reach outside UN headquarters.[9]

New York City
June 20, 07:16 EDT

Tseng allowed Lex Luthor to use his frequency to contact the Justice League regarding the Reach's plot to destroy the Earth with Magnetic Field Disruptors.[10]

New York City
July 4, pre-21:16 EDT

Following public outcry (lead by G. Gordon Godfrey) over his initial support of the Reach, Tseng Dangun resigned as UN Secretary-General.[10]


Lex Luthor became the new UN Secretary-General. He placed significant restrictions on Justice League activity,[11] including requiring the unanimous approval of the Security Council before beginning humanitarian missions.[12]


In January,[13] the Joker staged an attack on the UN General Assembly with Joker venom bombs. The Bat-family defused the bombs and apprehended Joker.[14]

New York City
July 30, 14:21 EDT

The UN held a Meta-human summit, where Catherine Cobert announced the resignations of numerous members of the Justice League in protest of UN restrictions. The ambassadors had a heated debate on the activity of meta-humans, heroes and vigilantes.[12]

New York City
November 04, 11:05 EST

Secretary-General Luthor addressed the General Assembly regarding the Justice League's rescue of numerous meta-humans from a meta-trafficking chain involving Goode World Studios. He criticized the League for failing to work with local authorities.[15]

December 31, 09:00 CAT

The UN held a climate summit in Bwundasa, which came under attack by the Bwundan Independence Front.[16]


New York City
February 15, 00:45 EST

Secretary-General Luthor addressed the General Assembly in the wake of the coup in Markovia. He refused to lift restrictions preventing the Justice League from entering Markovia.[17]

New York City
February 16, 20:02 EST

Black Lightning and Cyborg presented evidence of Luthor breaking UN regulations by continuing to secretly run LexCorp, as well as his involvement in meta-trafficking, to the General Assembly.[18]

New York City
February 17, 12:04 EST

As protestors (including a disguised Chameleon Boy)[19] gathered outside UN headquarters, inside Luthor decried the allegations against him as "fake news". He was interrupted by Superboy, who announced he was a Genomorph clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, created by Luthor and Cadmus. Ambassador Garth called for an immediate vote of no confidence in Luthor.[18]

Outside UN headquarters, Lor-Zod prepared to assassinate Superboy from his Time-Sphere. Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy stopped him without anyone noticing, but Lor escaped.[20]

On February 20, Luthor announced his resignation as Secretary-General. Rumors had Troia as his likely successor,[18] which proved to be true.[21]


In May, Secretary-General Troia pushed for UN inspections of Markovia's meta-human program.[21]

On or shortly after September 9, a dedication ceremony was held by Black Lightning and Troia for the building of a new Hall of Justice to begin the following Spring on Justice Island, opposite United Nations headquarters. Troia wanted it to represent a new era of partnership between the two organizations.[22]

Known members


Member nations and ambassadors



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