• Ankit09

    There are seven members of The Light, who are designated by codenames from L-1 to L-7.

    • L-1 is Vandal Savage in continutes he is a Immortal.
    • L-2 is Ra's al Ghul greatest enemy of Batman.
    • L-3 is Lex Luthor greatest enemy of Superman
    • L-4 is Queen Bee is the ruler of Bialya .
    • L-5 is Ocean Master archenemy of Aquaman.
    • L-6 is The Brain archenemy of Doom Patrol.
    • L-7 is Klarion archenemy of Doctor Fate .

    So Doom Patrol with Beast Boy will probably appear is this season.

    I believe Ocean Master is Prince Orm as they are both voiced by Roger Craig Smith. In other continuities, Prince Orm is also known as the villain Ocean-Master. In this series, no connection has been made as yet between Orm and Ocean Master.

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  • Ankit09

    In 13th episode "Alpha Male" the Brain was using Kobra Venom and the inhibitor collars from Belle Reve Penitentiary, so is he working for The Light?

    The Brain has the same modified french accent as L-6, Is the Brain the French speaking member of The Light?

    What do you guys think, comment about it....

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  • Ankit09

    And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...we have a date on new Young Justice episodes! Young Justice will return on CN Friday, June 3rd @ a new time, 7:30/6:30c with "Targets"! Synopsis-"Red Arrow’s battle to prevent the League of Shadows from inciting a war, pits him against the world’s most dangerous assassins – and allies him with someone more dangerous still. Too bad Aqualad couldn’t convince him to ask the team for help…" For more info including Batman updated listings refer to the upcoming premieres section.

    So late Should had been early, something like "May". So write what do think about it


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  • Ankit09

    As you'll might have heard the big news, that Beast Boy, aka Garfield Logan, will be joining the cast. He’ll be voiced by actor Logan Grove. And also another female character added to the show by the end of the season to join Artemis and Miss Martian. Wonder Girl? A New character? The source wouldn’t confirm.

    Shoud it be Wonder Girl, Zaatanna?

    Which charcter should it be and also which another favorite should join YJ comment about it.....

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  • Ankit09

    Mark Desmond become "Blockbuster" by Blockbuster serum developed through a combination of genetic research and strange blue ice crystals by Cadmus. Mammoth was infected with Kobra Venom(combination of Blockbuster serum & Venom) and was permanently transformed into a super strong monstrosity. So BlockBuster and Mammoth are mutants directly and indrectly by Project Blockbuster.

    In Kirby's original DNA Project stories (the origin of Cadmus) Guardian is a clone of the original Jim Harper who was killed in action-- a creation of "The Project". There is a reference to this during "Fireworks" when Dubbilex refers to Guardian as "brother", a term he usually reserves for other Genomorphs.

    So is Guardian a Clone and a Genomorph, comment what do you th…

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