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    Hey all, this is came out my head right now! For explaning for this title because if the series (god I hope so) what's the expansion of Universe-16 of YJ. It's too early say at this point when Season 2 still even on hitus right now (damn you, Cartoon Network). Pardon my language. Anyway, a lot people say of what beyond the current season to speculating of characters, places, events and etc would appear the next seasons. Please excuse if any misspelled or error on this blog. Here we go:

    Timeskip: I was a surprise when Greg and Brandon doing a five-gap story in season 2. But it's growing on me. If the series renews, hopefully the timeskip will shorten about 6 or 12 months which fitting for stories to pick up where it left off. Not too much, b…

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