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    March 5, 2013 by Bubby08

    While I will live forever with the hope that this show will be renewed, I want to read more comics. I read some comics right before the new 52 like the really early young justice, and xmen but I never knew where to start so when the new 52 and Marvel now came out I thought I would finally have a jumping on point that they were promising but neither really gave that. DC actually removed one of my favorite characters (Wally West), who I was looking forward to reading. So now with all these cancelations and deaths (Damian :'() I dont really know what to do. I read the new 52 teen titans but in my opinion it was bad and boring but i only got to issue 15 or 20 so maybe it changed. Please give me any suggestions as to what i should read that wil…

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  • Bubby08

    Surviving this Hiatus

    October 21, 2012 by Bubby08

    Ok we have 76 days until thenext episode airs, if the next episode airs the first saturday of january. So we should probally give each other other things to do beside rewatching both seasons 2 times a week. So today is day one in the wait. So what should we do in while we wait? post your ideas so those of us who are busy having phsychotic break downs can put our time to something more time consuming until the hiatus is over.

    • Watch all Past and current DC shows.
      • Justice Leauge
      • Justice League Unlimited
      • The Batman
      • Teen Titans
      • Batman brave and the bold
      • Arrow
      • Smallville
      • Green Lantern the animated series
      • Static Shock
      • Birds of Prey (didnt know this was ever on but im going to check it out)
      • Batman: Beyound
      • New Adventures of Batman
      • New Adventures of Batman/Super…
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