Regular Guy Regular Guy 20 July 2012

Regular Thoughts 6:12 Killed at Dark Knight Rises Screening

Well, this is the start of season two of my REGULAR THOUGHTS. (Forgive me if any Admins would rather not have this news on the wiki)

A gunman, reportedly masked and dressed in body armor, opened fire today at an early morning screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 people and wounding roughly 38 (early reports of 14 dead were revised by police).

There were several children were among the victims, including a 9-year-old girl. Police have the suspect in custody. The gunman is identified as James Holmes, 24, of Aurora.

Associated Press reports that the gunman "stood at the front of the theater and fired into the crowd about 12:30 a.m. MDT at a multiplex theater in a mall in Aurora. 'Witnesses tell us he released some sor…

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Regular Guy Regular Guy 14 July 2012

Young Justice: Character Creation! - Finals

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Regular Guy Regular Guy 30 June 2012

Regular Thoughts 5:Standard Comic News

I don't have much to report on but, I had to get something to you guys, so here it is.

  • 1 Topic
    • 1.1 Standard Comic News
  • 2 Paul Dini Returns To Batman
  • 3 Green Lantern is now Gay
  • 4 Batman: Earth One
  • 5 Spider-Man Gets An 'Amazing' New Sidekick‎
  • 6 Movies
    • 6.1 The Dark Knight Rises

This issue of the Regular Thoughts will be strictly about some recent comic news, If I say it can.

Writer Paul Dini, who is best known for working on "BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES" in the 90's and writing several comics which include, DETECTIVE COMICS and ZATANNA most recently, will once again work on a Batman comic. Dini describes is as "a big Batman story" which is "very personal" to him, which will be released as an original graphic novel "a year or two down the road". Expect this to b…

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Regular Guy Regular Guy 13 June 2012

Regular Thoughts 4:Future of Superhero Cartoons...Part: 1

Yes, this is surprising. Marvel might beat DC in movies and animation.

  • 1 Topics
  • 2 MARVEL moving in on DC?
  • 3 Marvel Animation
    • 3.1 Ultimate Spider-Man
    • 3.2 Hulk and the agents of SMASH
    • 3.3 Avengers Assemble
    • 3.4 New X-men cartoon and Avenger Vs X-Men Adaption
  • 4 DC Comics Animation
    • 4.1 Beware the Batman
    • 4.2 The Dark Knight Returns
    • 4.3 Teen Titans GO!
  • 5 Comic-Con 2012
  • 6 Notes

Marvel has realized there mistake with Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk and the agents of SMASH (The show premise is ACTION, ACTION, ACTION with no place for plot development. The target demographic of the show is boys ages 5-12. So again it seems a disney kids show with Marvel characters), but that has changed. Marvel got hit, HARD in da head. This is GOOD NEWS towards hardcore Marvel fans, but DC fans,…

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Regular Guy Regular Guy 11 June 2012

Comic Rumble Battle Royale - Tokyo Scuffle

Please refer to the Comic Rumble rules

Announcer Phil: "PUT YA HANDS TOGETHER!!! FOR THE FIRST COMIC RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get ready to head to the heart of JAPAN! IN Toyko".

In the first match, a member of the speedsters, Kid Flash! Next, the mighty lantern, Kyle Rayner!! And Lastly, the fierce son of Batman, Damian Wayne (Robin IV)!!!

Announcer Phil: "That was one brawl! Get back here on Friday to see the winners. Also, look out for new comic rumbles every Monday! BOOYAH"!!!

If you have any ideas to improve Comic Rumble, please comment below. Also, please alret me if the links for the character nearest to the end don't work.&nbsp --

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