Tupka217 Tupka217 28 February 2019

Ancient Pet Peeve, part II

Years back, I did a blog on some unrealistic uses and practices of monarchy in YJ. Since Outsiders brought us a new one, some more gripes from this not-that-much-of-a-royalist-but-too-lazy-and-indifferent-to-be-a-republican...

Gentle reminder that, because these are fictional countries with fictional histories in a fictional world, they can of course be different from our own monarchies. And many of these real world cases are so rare most countries never had any.

I was glad the addressed the regent issue, which bugged (and still bugs) me about Vlatava. Monarchs have to be 18 years old to rule, and Gregor has only just had his 17th birthday - the regent would be in charge for a little under a year. They point that out explicitly.... and then ha…

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Tupka217 Tupka217 10 June 2015

Ancient Pet Peeve: YJ's take on Royalty

I've had this issue with YJ (and on a grander scale, most American comics) for a while now: they know jack-all about modern European monarchy. I realize it might be a funny and alien concept to Americans (and most European monarchies are really happy with all the tourist money that brings in), but it's also easy to mess up. I'm not even a royalist and these errors make me cringe.

There are three monarchies in YJ, and all three have issues you would not see in a modern European monarchy. Okay, fictional universe, fictional laws, I get it, but still.

  • 1 Vltava
  • 2 Bialya
  • 3 Atlantis
  • 4 Refs

  • Perdita's father is the King, not the Prince-regent, so her father's side is royalty. In order to be next in line, Count Vertigo has to be a member of the Royal Family,…

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Tupka217 Tupka217 17 May 2013

Harper family connection

So, last night (well, night for me) Greg revealed a chuck of info about the Harper Family on Earth-16: Jim Harper, Guardian I, is Roy Harper's great-grandfather. This is a new take on the family, which is, quite frankly, a mess. Just to give you something to read (and show off, of course), here is a little roundup of the Harper Family in the DC Universe.

Jim was first cloned in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #135. The nature of the cloning was retconned twice, first in Superman Annual #2 (1988) and later in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Volume 2 #2.

Two characters having the same name in comics must mean they are related. Roy and Jim weren't the first.

  • Chuck Grayson, Golden Age Robotman (not the one from the Doom Patrol, but the one from the All-Star Sq…

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Tupka217 Tupka217 15 October 2012

Rumor roundup

I've given this list on some of the blogs, but I thought it could be helpful if I centralized everything. Basically, a roundup of everything we know about the postponement of DC Nation.

This might be long...

  • 1 Was it a last-minute change?
  • 2 The reason rumors
    • 2.1 The 20th anniversary
    • 2.2 Milestone or just Static
    • 2.3 Stephanie Brown

Talk of the schedule change first began friday evening (US Time), when the DC Nation block was removed from CN's online schedule, and replaced with episodes of Dreamworks' Dragons: Riders of Berk and Johnny Test. Reportedly, the change was made at 1 AM on Saturday.

"But we didn't have promo pics yet!". Yes, they were absent. I can't recall precisely when we usually get them, but I'd make a fair guess if I said between Wednesday …

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Tupka217 Tupka217 29 September 2012

New DC Nation trailer

This one's been out for a couple of days, and it's been mentioned a few times here and there across the blogs. But, thanks to Cari1994, here's a link:


(note: this may not play on all browsers)


What's new? Well, most revelations are from Green Lantern: The Animated Series (Sinestro! Chaselon! Larvox! Batman?! Warth! Orange Lantern!) and it also shows off the shorts, including new ones like Amethyst, Shade the Changing Man, and what appears to be Thunder and Lightning. The YJ shots are mostly repeated from the last trailer. New shots:

  • Blue Beetle in front of something (someone?) taking off. Couldn't see what it was, but it's blue and appears to ha…

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