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"Volatile" is the third episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, and the 76th of the overall series. It debuted on October 21, 2021 on HBO Max.


Miss Martian and Superboy grapple with family traditions while Beast Boy grapples with something darker.


Beast Boy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Windfall and Stargirl ambush the Cult of the Kobra and capture Kobra before taking a selfie with him tied up.
March 24, 10:21 UTC

Gar is admiring the photo of the Outsiders with the captured Kobra. He desperately wants to get in touch with them but M'gann reminds him that it will take a while for communications between M'arzz and Earth to be fixed. Both M'gann and Conner are concerned about Gar's health, but Gar assures them that he is fine.

March 24, 10:23 UTC

Prince J'emm J'axx visits the M'orzz home to check in on Gar, Conner, and M'gann after he heard about the cave-in. None of them are ruling out the possibility that whoever caused the cave-in knows about them helping to investigate King S'turnn J'axx's murder. Using her mind-link, M'gann explains to Prince J'emm that after the cave-in they found evidence of twin burn marks in which Conner confirmed that the marks were similar to the ones that he found when the Zeta-Tube exploded. M'gann also informs him that she sensed a psychic presence but couldn't identify the source.

Suddenly, Sorcerer-Priestess S'yraa S'mitt enters and is stunned to find Prince J'emm. M'gann introduces them, to which Prince J'emm admits that they have met. Quickly changing the subject, Prince J'emm asks for Conner to investigate the place where his father was killed to see if he can find any evidence that others have missed. M'aatt M'orzz respectfully objects, reminding Conner of his sacred duty to help build the ceremonial altar for his wedding. Conner suggests going to check out the crime scene and meet up with M'aatt later. M'aatt accepts the solution. J'ann M'orzz requests that M'gann join her, S'yraa, and Em'ree J'onzz to begin the ritual of building the ceremonial canopy. M'gann agrees and seeing as how they all need transportation, M'gann excitedly suggests that they all step outside.

Outside, everyone is surprised to see Bio-Ship and her Baby. M'gann offers Baby as transportation for Conner, Gar, and Prince J'emm.

Superboy discovers a new and familiar clue at the crime scene.

At the Royal Palace, Conner and Gar admire the Great Hall. The investigate where King S'turnn's body was found while the Court keeps a suspicious watch on them. Using his microscopic vision, Conner spots something familiar but can't quite place it. Other than that, no other evidence is found. As gratitude for their efforts, Prince J'emm offers to help Conner build the ceremonial altar.

M'gann, J'ann, Em'ree, and S'yraa travel in Bio-Ship. On the way to their destination, Bio-Ship explains to M'gann that she does not plan on returning with them to Earth. Baby will become their new transportation. M'gann understands but is saddened. J'ann comforts M'gann about this news. Em'ree looks upon them with a firm look on her face.

Gar thinks back to the time when Brion Markov ordered them all out of Markovia. Conner snaps him back to reality as they reunite with M'aatt and B'arzz O'oomm, who has agreed to help them build the ceremonial altar, as well. Before getting started, Gar suggests Conner head to the surface to absorb sunlight in case someone tries to kill him again. Conner assures him that the sun can wait.

Crystal Cave
March 24, 13:18 UTC

M'gann, J'ann, Em'ree, and S'yraa use crystal shards to build the ceremonial canopy. M'gann asks S'yraa about her former romance with Prince J'emm, explaining that she studied their body language and had sensed the history between them. S'yraa confirms that they were in love once, but he was the Prince and she was G'arrunn.

Hollow Hill
March 24, 13:19 UTC

Conner, Gar, M'aatt, B'arzz, and Prince J'emm use molten rocks to build the ceremonial altar. Gar takes the form of a Ma'alefa'ak in order to withstand the heat. But his mind is beginning to play tricks on him.

Conner asks M'aatt if he went through this same ritual with J'ann when he married her. M'aatt explains that all of J'ann's family, except for Martian Manhunter, disowned her when she married him.

Suddenly, Gar sees Geo-Force rise from the lava and charge at Conner to attack him. Gar panics and knocks Conner out of the way causing Conner to hit his head on a rock and fall unconscious. Gar picks Conner up and promises to take him to the surface to recharge his cells. Confused, M'aatt, B'arzz, and Prince J'emm follow them, trying to stop Gar, warning him that Conner is too weak to survive on the surface of M'arzz.

The tension between M'gann and Em'ree finally boils over.

In the Crystal Cave, the females admire their work on the canopy. Em'ree finally snaps and confronts M'gann that the only reason she is marrying an Earthling is because she is ashamed of being a Martian. M'gann accuses Em'ree of never accepting her as a sister because of how different they both are. Their telepathy anger causes the canopy to break. M'gann realizes that this argument between Em'ree and herself is very similar to the one that she had with M'comm very recently. J'ann comforts M'gann by explaining to her that she believes that M'gann's true form is her humanoid form. S'yraa explains that arguments, such as these, are proof of a strong family bond. With that, they begin to build the canopy anew.

Blinded by his fear, Gar continues to head to the surface to "save" Conner. The illusion of Geo-Force is behind them, accusing them both of "failing him".

G'all'ee Crater
March 24, 14:47 UTC

Gar reaches the surface to find the place covered in a dust storm. The wind blows Conner to the ground. Gar assures Conner that he will find the sun and come back for him soon. Conner's oxygen tank is hit and he begins to lose air. Gar is being chased by the illusion of Geo-Force.

Inside the caves, M'aatt, B'arzz, and Prince J'emm search for Gar and Conner in Baby. B'arzz sees "Gar" in his Ma'alefa'ak form heading towards the surface. The group follows him outside into the sandstorm just in time to rescue Conner, who has fallen unconscious again due to lack of oxygen. Prince J'emm leaves Baby to search for Gar.

Gar is lost in the storm. He cries out, admitting that he has now failed Conner just like he did with Brion. Geo-Force's illusion is about to strike again when suddenly M'gann enters Gar's mind to help calm him down. She explains to Gar that his brain was damaged when the Martians mentally attacked him a few days ago. She goes on to explain that, having lost so many loved ones, Gar feels responsible for losing Brion as well. Finally, Gar allows her to heal his mind.

Conner wakes up in Baby just as Prince J'emm returns with Gar. The two embrace.

Back at the J'onzz home, Gar and Conner explain the whole story to M'gann, who admits she didn't do anything to help Gar. Confused, M'gann inspects Gar for herself and senses traces of the same psychic touch that she first sensed at the cave-in.

At the Hollow Hill, Chameleon Boy returns. Saturn Girl congratulates him on taking Gar's form in order to lure the Martians to Conner's location in time to save him. Phantom Girl asks Saturn Girl why she chose to intervene in Gar's mental struggles. Saturn Girl explains that they're superheroes and Gar needed her help.

Back at the M'orzz home, Gar officially welcomes Baby to the team and gives Bio-Ship a sad goodbye.

Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk
March 24, 22:04 UTC

M'gann and Conner's wedding draws ever closer.

Conner and M'gann admire the work of the ceremonial altar and canopy. Satisfied, they celebrate with a kiss.

End credits scene: Superman relaxes in the garden on the Watchtower while talking to Lois Lane on the phone about the situation on Mars and their son, Jonny Kent. Talk of potty training and a poor signal lead Superman to worry that Jonny's Kryptonian powers are awakening, and he shoots off, demanding Cyborg open a boom tube.


"Volatile" can refer to Beast Boy's mental health, which has been worsening since he arrived on Mars, as well as to the wedding canopy.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Troy Baker Geo-Force
Kobra Cultist
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Zehra Fazal S'yraa S'mitt
Phil LaMarr J'emm J'axx
B'arzz O'oomm
Carl Lumbly M'aatt M'orzz
Danica McKellar Miss Martian
Nolan North Superboy
Kari Wahlgren J'ann M'orzz
Saturn Girl
Phantom Girl
Hynden Walch Em'ree J'onzz
Jonny Kent
Lois Lane
Non-speaking roles
Baron Bedlam (flashback)
Chameleon Boy
Cyborg (flashback)
Halo (flashback)
J'arlia J'axx
Kobra (flashback)
Nightwing (flashback)
R'ess E'dda
Robin (flashback)
R'ohh K'arr
Stargirl (flashback)
S'turnn J'axx (illusion)
Terra (flashback)
Tigress (flashback)
Wonder Girl (flashback)
0 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut




  • Superboy's scar briefly disappeared twice at the Royal Palace and again in Baby.

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  • Windfall: Seems that Cosmic Staff does everything but watch your bum.
  • Superboy: But it's good to hear J'onn learned racial tolerance on Earth of all places. It's not exactly something humans are known for.
  • M'aatt M'orzz: He did not simply learn tolerance. That is insufficient. He learned acceptance, empathy.
  • Miss Martian: "This" is not me. Not who I am inside. And I'm done pretending I'm something I'm not just to make you more comfortable.
  • J'ann M'orzz: When you were a child, you would sometimes shift your skin to G'arrunn, trying to pass. It never worked, of course. Everyone knew you were A'ashenn. But just now, when you took your old form, the form you were born to... it felt just as psychically false. This is your true form, M'gann. I'm so sorry I never understood that before.