Vykin is a New God from New Genesis and the leader of the Forever People.

Personality Edit

Vykin is a calm, take-charge leader, who will promptly go into a situation head on. He is, however, overly reliant on his New God technology.[2]

Physical appearance Edit

Vykin is a large muscular man with dark skin. He wears a dark blue armor and helmet with bright green markings on them.

History Edit

2010 Edit

October 23, 17:28 EDT

The Forever people arrived on Earth to track down some stolen technology from New Genesis. Vykin consulted with Motherbox, who stated that the New Genesphere was on Earth and tracked it to the nearby coast.[2]

Eastern Seaboard
October 23, 18:04 EDT

When the Forever People found the sphere, Vykin demanded its rider, Superboy, handed her back to them. But as tensions among his team began to rise, the Motherbox informed Vykin Superboy was not an enemy, and had instead helped free the New Genesphere from its real thieves.

With Superboy in tow, the Forever People tracked another piece of stolen technology, the rescue drill, to Metropolis. They stumbled across an Intergang heist, and after getting past the guards, Vykin brazenly demanded that they returned the stolen technology. Bruno Mannheim did not comply, and instead used Apokoliptan technology to trap Vykin. He tried to get away from under the electrocuting discs, but even though Moonrider managed to destroy one, they were too strong. Serifan eventually freed him, and they retreated back into the open. The Forever People merged into Infinity-Man, and defeated Intergang. All except Whisper A'Daire escaped.

After questioning Whisper, they made their way to an airport hangar. It was an ambush, and outnumbered, the Forever People merged into Infinity-Man. However, Mannheim and Desaad planned for this, and with a Fatherbox, they managed to reprogram Infinity-Man. With help from Wolf and Sphere, Superboy regained control and defeated Intergang.

Desaad fled and Intergang lost its weaponry, but at a price: Sphere was heavily damaged. Vykin used his Motherbox to initiate the repairs, and planned for it to be finished on New Genesis. Superboy objected, stating that the Sphere and he had a special bond. It was enough for Vykin to leave her in his care as they returned to their native planet.[2]

2018 Edit

New Genesis
August 04, post-00:16 UTC

The Forever People investigated an attack on bugs supposedly carried out by Orion, even though he was off-world at the time.[3]

Powers and abilities Edit

Vykin possesses a magnetic ability that allows him to manipulate both metal and earth.[2]

Equipment Edit

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • This is Vykin's second animated appearance. He had a cameo in the Justice League episode "Twilight, Part II".

References Edit

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