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Vykin is a New God from New Genesis and the leader of the Forever People.


Vykin is a calm, take-charge leader, who will promptly go into a situation head on. He is, however, overly reliant on his New God technology.[1]

Physical appearance

Vykin is a large muscular man with dark skin. He wears a dark blue armor and helmet with bright green markings on them.



October 23, 17:28 EDT

The Forever people arrived on Earth to track down some stolen technology from New Genesis. Vykin consulted with Motherbox, who stated that the New Genesphere was on Earth and tracked it to the nearby coast.[1]

Eastern Seaboard
October 23, 18:04 EDT

When the Forever People found the sphere, Vykin demanded its rider, Superboy, handed her back to them. But as tensions among his team began to rise, the Motherbox informed Vykin that Superboy was not an enemy, and had instead helped free the New Genesphere from its real thieves.

With Superboy in tow, the Forever People tracked another piece of stolen technology, the rescue drill, to Metropolis. They stumbled across an Intergang heist, and after getting past the guards, Vykin brazenly demanded that they returned the stolen technology. Bruno Mannheim did not comply, and instead used Apokoliptan technology to trap Vykin. He tried to get away from under the electrocuting discs, but even though Moonrider managed to destroy one, they were too strong. Serifan eventually freed him, and they retreated back into the open. The Forever People merged into Infinity-Man, and defeated Intergang. All except Whisper A'Daire escaped.

After questioning Whisper, they made their way to an airport hangar. It was an ambush, and outnumbered, the Forever People merged into Infinity-Man. However, Mannheim and Desaad planned for this, and with a Fatherbox, they managed to reprogram Infinity-Man. With help from Wolf and Sphere, Superboy regained control and defeated Intergang.

Desaad fled and Intergang lost its weaponry, but at a price: Sphere was heavily damaged. Vykin used his Motherbox to initiate the repairs, and planned for it to be finished on New Genesis. Superboy objected, stating that the Sphere and he had a special bond. It was enough for Vykin to leave her in his care as they returned to their native planet.[1]


New Genesis
August 04, post-00:16 UTC

The Forever People investigated an attack on Bugs supposedly carried out by Orion, even though he was off-world at the time.[2]


August 27, post-11:50 UTC

Vykin arrived to represent New Genesis at talks with the Justice League and Green Lantern Corps. He greeted Rocket warmly, who was delighted to see a friendly face. Vykin was surprised she felt so uncomfortable with Orion and urged her to get to know him better. Orion also welcomed Tomar-Re, representing the Green Lantern Corps, who explained that Kilowog would also be along shortly.

After Kilowog arrived, the talks began. Rocket asked what New Genesis planned to do about Apokolips's interference on Earth, and was disappointed they would do nothing. Vykin explained that the truce between Apokolips and New Genesis prevented them from taking overt action. Instead, they wanted a neutral party, the Green Lantern Corps, to mediate. Rocket was interrupted by a phone call, and left to take it.

Vykin and the others heard explosions from outside and went to investigate. They found the female Forager badly injured amid the rubble of destroyed statues. Razer, who had inadvertently caused the damage while fighting Metron, realized his mistake, and ended up regaining his Blue power ring while retaining his Red one. He used the Blue ring to heal Forager, and then repaired the statues, before leaving. Orion was dissatisfied as the new statues included likenesses of the Foragers, but Vykin assured him it was acceptable.[3]

August 28, post-11:43 UTC

The conference resumed, and continued to go poorly. Orion complained that the League had not taken the New Gods' request to have Halo and Cyborg stay with them seriously. Vykin suggested only taking Halo as a compromise, due to her connection to the Anti-Life Equation. Rocket insisted they were better off with their family, and to her and Vykin's surprise, Orion relented. The meeting was then interrupted by Bear, who wished to see his old friends Rocket and Forager, express his condolences over Superboy's death, and discuss the rumors he had heard about Forager being romantically involved with another Forager. They were interrupted once more by the arrival of Metron, who boom tubed in with a dire warning of galactic peril.[4]

August 29, 00:02 UTC

Vykin and the rest of the Forever People joined a meeting held by Metron to discuss the threat of Lor-Zod and the Phantom Zone Projector. Metron determined there were two possible power sources for the Projector on the surface of New Genesis. The Forever People formed Infinity-Man and went with Metron and Kilowog to one site.

This turned out not to be the site used by Lor-Zod. The group boom tubed to Boiling Lake Crater where Lor-Zod had been found, but by the time they arrived, the battle was over; the Projector was destroyed, Lor escaped and Tomar-Re was dead.[5]

August 30, 21:00 UTC

As the Justice League contingent prepared to leave, Vykin and Kilowog affirmed to Flash that the treaty between New Genesis, the Green Lantern Corps and the League had been agreed in principle and could be considered signed. They discussed the fate of Mantis and the Kaizer-Thrall, who had been captured.[5]

Powers and abilities

Vykin possesses a magnetic ability that allows him to manipulate both metal and earth.[1]



Background information

  • This is Vykin's second animated appearance. He had a cameo in the Justice League episode "Twilight, Part II".


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