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Wade Eiling is a four star general in the United States military.

Physical appearance

Eiling is an older Caucasian man with blue eyes and gray hair. He wore a green, button up U.S. military uniform with sets of four stars on either side of his collar, indicating his rank. He also had his name on the right side of his shirt and other badges across the left.[2]


Early life

During the Vietnam war, Colonel Eiling was the head of a weapons smuggling ring, though he kept to the background, and set up Lt. Yarrow as the "actual" leader. After Capt. Nathaniel Adams found out about the smugglers, Eiling and Yarrow framed him for the murder of General Lemar, who had become a liability.[3] Eiling was the judge at Adams's court-martial. He married his widow, and raised his two children, Peggy and Randy, as his own.[4]


August 13, 23:03 EDT

When a young JAG officer inquired about the Adams trial, he was distrusting, and told her it was an open and shut case.[4]

August 14, 09:16 HST

After the Team had apparently solved the mystery surrounding Adams's trial, Eiling met with Captain Adams—who was now Captain Atom—and offered to reintroduce him to his children.[3]

August 15, 00:00 EDT

Back in his office, he met with accomplice Alec Rois. He was quite pleased that Yarrow took the fall for the smuggling ring, as well as the murders on other key figures in the operation. Now that Captain Atom was his friend and ally, he could use him to his advantage.[3]

Mount Justice
October 16, post-16:01 EDT

In a training simulation of the Team, Eiling commanded a force of marines in Washington against an alien invasion, and was "killed" by them in the Hall of Justice.[2]


Washington, D.C.
April 1, post-21:24 EDT

When a mysterious forcefield was erected over the Hall of Justice, Eiling ordered armed forces to attack it. The barrage was futile, as were Black Lightning's attempts to breach it.

Eiling watched as the ambassador arrived and took down the force field without much effort. He was surprised when the alien guest revealed the Justice League had a Watchtower in orbit.[5]


Background information

  • This is Wade Eiling's second animated appearance. He appeared in Justice League Unlimited, voiced by J.K. Simmons.


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