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Whisper A'Daire is a member of Intergang.

Physical appearance

Whisper is a Caucasian woman with very long red hair and pale white skin. She wears gray cargo pants and a form fitting black jacket.[3]



October 23, post-18:04 EDT

Whisper was part of a team that was robbing the Metropolis Federal Reserve by tunneling under it. When Superboy and the Forever People stopped them, Whisper was left behind by her fleeing boss, Bruno Mannheim. She was disarmed and captured. Though she defiantly told the Forever People she would not talk, Dreamer's mental powers made her reveal their true boss, Desaad.[3]


Washington, D.C.
February 13, post-21:51 EST

Whisper joined up with Mannheim, who had been in hiding, for his latest plot to strengthen Intergang. She drove him to the Hall of Justice.

Outside the walls, Ugly showed her an Apokoliptan device. She saw that Superboy and Blue Beetle were following them, and alerted her boss. He activated the device, and the four Appellaxian husks in the Hall were merged into a golem. It beat off the heroes and took off with Mannheim and A'Daire.[4]

February 13, 22:45 EST

Whisper listened to the creature's groans, and though he sounded sad. Mannheim ignored her, he considered it an animated piece of wood, stone, and other things, but not a living organism.

Superboy and Blue Beetle arrived, and New Genesphere destroyed the control device. It sent the golem on a rampage, knocking out Whisper and the others. While it made its way to the nearby nuclear power plant, Superboy and Blue Beetle interrogated the Intergang leader and his lieutenant and bound them to a tree. They left them to go after the golem.

Sportsmaster visited them while they were pinned down, and gave them a powerful sedative that renders its subjects catatonic for weeks.[5] Later, Superboy found them still bound, and non-responsive.[4]


Atlantic Ocean
December 01, 04:26 EST

Intergang raided a dormant Reach warship at the bottom of the Atlantic. The heist was thwarted by Aquaman and La'gaan, and Bruno Mannheim was arrested. The others got away with three War Bugs.[6]

December 07, 22:35 EST

Whisper planned to sell the War Bugs on the dark net, and to spark interest, she attacked the small town of Brooklyn with Cairo DeFrey and Scorpia A'Daire. The Outsiders stopped them and they were all arrested.[6]


Whisper was armed with Apokoliptan wristbands that had long red energy whips on them.[3]


Background information

  • In the comics, Whisper A'Daire was associated with Ra's al Ghul at first but joined Mannheim's Religion of Crime later. She has anguine features such as a forked tongue and scaled skin.


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