Wizard is a wizard[1] and one of the most powerful magicians in the world.

Physical appearance Edit

Wizard is dressed in a Victorian fashion. Underneath his large brown cloak, he wears a steel blue waistcoat and a white cravat. He wears brown pleated trousers, and uses a cane with a golden knob. He also has a black top hat.

He has gray hair, which he styles in mutton chops.[2]

History Edit

2010 Edit

Roanoke Island
November 5, 19:46 EDT

Klarion summoned several sorcerers, including Wizard, to perform a spell that could split the world in two dimensions, an adult and a child dimension.[2]

Roanoke Island
November 6, post-00:01 EDT

Wizard and the other sorcerers guarded the pentagram in the adult dimension. When the Justice League arrived, he hurled several rocks at Captain Marvel, but he proved too strong. He then joined the other wizards who tried to break Zatara's force field. He was taken out by Doctor Fate after the worlds were merged back together.[2]

Powers and abilities Edit

Magic: Like his name suggests, Wizard is skilled in sorcery. He is able to move earth by lifting his cane.[2]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • In the comics, the Wizard is William I. Zard, an enemy of the Justice Society of America. His appearance in the show is somewhat different from his comics incarnation, where he has a black fork beard and a slightly more modern suit.

References Edit

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