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Wyynde used to be a purist. Later, he mended his ways and joined King Orin's royal guard.

He is in a relationship with Kaldur'ahm.[2]

Physical appearance

Wyynde has dark skin and usually goes bare-chested. He has mystic pictographs on his shoulders. He has long black hair and gray eyes, and wears a golden diadem.[3]

As of 2019, Wyynde now wears the uniform of a royal guard, and his diadem is blue instead of golden.[2]


Early life

As all Atlanteans, Wyynde received his military service at the age of twelve. He joined the Conservatory of Sorcery once his service was complete.[4] At the school, he associated with Chian and M'Chiste and became involved with the purist movement.[3]


September 6, 19:27 UTC-2

Wyynde and his friends were preparing an attack on Ronal's classmates, but were found out by King Sha'ark, who accused them of being purists. Aqualad managed to prevent a fight.[3]

Atlantic Ocean
September 6, 20:09 UTC-2

Wyynde and other purists gathered in an underwater cave to listen to their leader Ocean-Master unfold the rest of their plan.[3]


Wyynde completed his education at the Conservatory and became member of King Orin's guard.[4]


Atlantic Ocean
December 07, post-22:35 EST

Lagoon Boy and Wyynde were watching over a downed Reach ship that had been raided by Intergang. They were surprised when the ship suddenly activated and began to surface due to the accidental activation of a distress signal aboard a War Bug salvaged from the ship.[5]


January 02, 11:19 UTC-2

Wyynde was escorting King Orin when Kaldur intercepted the latter to introduce him to a water-breathing meta-teen.

Some time later, Wyynde approached Kaldur and the two exchanged a kiss.[2]

January 21, 23:28 UTC-2
January 21, 20:30 PST
February 28, 16:16 EST

Powers and abilities

  • Atlantean attributes: Atlanteans, although human, have through scientific and sorcerous means[3] developed several abilities which allow them to live comfortably under the sea:
    • Underwater breathing: All Atlanteans are capable of surviving the aquatic atmosphere under the sea. Some accomplish this without the presence of visible gills.[6][3]
    • Temperature resilience: Resistant to low temperatures[7] and the effects of freezing,[8] although notably hindered by high temperatures.[9]
    • Durability: Dense flesh, although not invulnerable.[10][3][11]
    • Strength: Ranging from undetected levels to super strength.[8][3][12]


Background information

  • In the comics, Wyynde is the best friend of Arion in tales of ancient Atlantis.
  • This is his first animated appearance.


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