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Wyynde is an Atlantean and member of King Orin's royal guard.[3] Before serving the crown, he was involved with the Atlantean purists movement, a radical and racial coterie led by Ocean-Master.[4] He is in a relationship with Kaldur'ahm.[3]

Physical appearance

Wyynde has dark skin and usually goes bare-chested. He has mystic pictographs on his shoulders. He has long black hair and gray eyes, and wears a golden diadem.[4]

As of 2019, Wyynde now wears the uniform of a royal guard, and his diadem is blue instead of golden.[3]


Early life

Wyynde is the descendant of his ancient Atlantean namesake.[5][6] As all Atlanteans, Wyynde received his military service at the age of twelve. He joined the Conservatory of Sorcery once his service was complete.[7] At the school, he associated with Chian and M'Chiste and became involved with the purist movement.[4]


September 6, 19:27 UTC-2

Wyynde and his friends were preparing an attack on Ronal's classmates, but were found out by King Sha'ark, who accused them of being purists. Aqualad managed to prevent a fight.[4]

Atlantic Ocean
September 6, 20:09 UTC-2

Wyynde and other purists gathered in an underwater cave to listen to their leader Ocean-Master unfold the rest of their plan.[4]


Wyynde completed his education at the Conservatory and became member of King Orin's guard.[7]


Atlantic Ocean
December 07, post-22:35 EST

Lagoon Boy and Wyynde were watching over a downed Reach ship that had been raided by Intergang. They were surprised when the ship suddenly activated and began to surface due to the accidental activation of a distress signal aboard a War Bug salvaged from the ship.[8]


January 02, 11:19 UTC-2

Wyynde was escorting King Orin when Kaldur intercepted the latter to introduce him to a water-breathing meta-teen.

Some time later in Shayeris, Wyynde approached Kaldur and the two exchanged a kiss.[3]

January 21, 23:28 UTC-2

Wyynde and Kaldur discussed how well the meta-teen, now calling herself Delphis, had settled into life in Atlantis. They were interrupted when Kadlur got a call from Oracle asking for his help after she lost contact with Nightwing and Black Lightning while they were investigating Gretchen Goode's house. Wyynde offered to go with Kaldur, noting his military training and sorcery skills, and that he wanted to finally see the surface world.[7]

January 21, 20:30 PST

Kaldur and Wyynde took the direct approach and rang Goode's doorbell. Goode agreed to take them to her captives, and had Overlord boom tube them into an X-Pit. Goode allowed them to collect their friends, requiring them to exit the red cube that protected them. Wyynde realized that using magic to power their skin icons helped ease the pain of being in the pit. Wyynde grabbed both Nightwing and his Motherbox. After Goode returned them to her home, she objected to them taking the Motherbox and demanded they return it. When Kaldur refused, Goode had the brainwashed Nightwing and Lightning attack them, but they were no match for the Atlanteans. When Overlord attacked the Motherbox, it was sensed by Violet and Vic, who boom tubed themselves and some Outsiders to the house. Violet cleansed Nightwing and Lightning of Goode's control and the group all escaped back to the Premiere Building through a boom tube.

Back at the Premier Building, Dick was suffering greatly after his exposure to the X-Pit. Wyynde assured Kaldur that his friend would recover, and noted that he didn't see much appeal in the surface world, except that Kaldur was there.[7]

February 28, 16:16 EST

Wyynde and Kaldur attended a private party at Bibbo's Diner for the Team Year Zero members and their significant others and children.[9]


April 20, 15:56 UTC-2

Wyynde was on guard duty at the opening ceremony of the annual conference of city states. He looked on as the delegates were introduced, and the meeting came to a premature end once it became clear Xebel had not sent a representative.

Now off-duty, Wyynde met with Kaldur, Delphis and Sha'lain'a, and he and Kaldur agreed to show Delphis around Poseidonis. As they explored, Delphis noted the relative splendor of Poseidonis relative to Shayeris. Wyynde suggested they visit an algae bar, and Delphis was taught how to enjoy the Black Gold. They met Lori Lemaris, who was happy to be introduced to Delphis, but colder to Wyynde, whom she had not forgiven for his time as a Purist. Kaldur interjected on Wyynde's behalf, and Lori admitted that if Kaldur loved him, then there might be hope for Wyynde. They were interrupted by the arrival of Nanaue Sha'ark, who goaded Lori over the recent annexation of Tritonian territory by Nanauve.[10]

April 21, 09:58 UTC-2

Wyynde was on guard duty again when the conference resumed. Midway through discussions, the conference, and Poseidonis as a whole, came under attack by Ocean-Master. Empowered by Neptune's Trident, Ocean-Master proved a superior foe even while greatly outnumbered, and easily swatted back attacks by Mera and Orin. Wyynde was able to trap Ocean-Master in a seaweed construct for a short time, but was overpowered by Neptune's Trident. Ocean-Master was finally defeated by a hooded stranger with powerful magic, who forced Orm to flee. The stranger disappeared before the others could recover.[10]

May 14, post-07:42 UTC-2

At Kaldur and Wyynde's home, Delphis and Wyynde discussed her work with those displaced by the attack. Kaldur arrived and told Delphis she was welcome to stay with them to continue her work. She passed on a message from Kaldur's parents, asking him to call them. She and Wyynde then went outside to give Kaldur privacy. They soon called him outside to join them as they witnessed a giant pillar of fire form just outside the city dome.

Wyynde guarded a city gate, under orders from Orin not to open it lest the deadly red water from the pillar enter the city. He watched as Kaldur, Orin, Mera and, later, Ocean-Master fought to quell the pillar. He and Delphis had to hold La'gaan back when he tried to go out to rescue Blubber. Once the stranger appeared and helped Mera and Orm, the gathered crowd began whispering about a prophecy. Once the pillar was extinguished, Wyynde and the others rushed outside the dome. They found Ocean-Master attacking Mera and Kaldur, only to be stopped by the stranger and Orin. Wyynde and La'gaan took Orm into custody.[11]

June 02, post-08:37 UTC-2

Wyynde and Kaldur argued in their house. Wyynde was furious that Kaldur had taken the mission, despite promising to take a break once Orm was captured. Kaldur insisted that he was fine, and that Wyynde would see that for himself as he was coming along. Delphis asked to join them, but Kaldur refused her, saying she was already busy and not properly trained.[12]

June 02, 15:07 UTC-2

Kaldur, Wyynde and La'gaan used the ongoing unrest in Xebel to cover their entrance to the city. They made their way to the Grave of Legends, a holy site that marked the thinnest point between Xebel and the Undersea. Kaldur created a drill, while La'gaan lifted rocks and Wyynde directed debris away. Wyynde had suggested posting a lookout for guards, but Kaldur thought Nereus's Watch would be too busy with the rioting crowds to find them and thought it best to work quickly. A patrol did come close, but was distracted by a strange light caused by Delphis, who had followed them.[12]

The Undersea
June 02, 15:23 UTC-2

The quartet finished drilling through the sea floor, and swam into the undersea. The tunnel behind them collapsed, causing a cave-in that forced them to rush forward and drill through another floor. Kaldur was sure they could drill their way out when they were finished.[12]

The Undersea
July 03, 19:00 UTC-2

After a month in the Undersea, the group had not found the crown, but had become adept at finding and dousing the geothermal vents that periodically erupted there, with Wyynde using his ability to manipulate currents to rapidly cool the lava. When La'gaan expressed concern at possibly missing the birth of his child, Kaldur reminded him that he needed to be 100% focused on the mission at hand. Wyynde tried to comfort La'gaan after Kaldur's harsh words, but La'gaan was not offended and wished he were as strong as Kaldur. Wyynde expressed concerns about Kaldur taking on too much, and not dealing with Conner's death. Then, what they initially thought was another geothermal vent turned out to be a giant crab emerging from the sea floor. The group fled, but the crab sucked the group toward its mouth. Wyynde was unable to overcome it by creating a counter-current. La'gaan allowed himself and a pillar of rock to be swallowed. The pillar was distasteful, so the crab spat La'gaan out and moved on.

The crab had emerged from a chasm, which the group then swam down. They found ruins from the ancient Atlantean capital, and the three magically trained members could all sense great magic power nearby. They fanned out to triangulate its location, and quickly found Arion's crown shallowly buried in the ground. Another giant creature then appeared. Kaldur took hold of the creature and rode it. He then shocked the creature to make it move, as the others grabbed ahold. They rode the creature as it swam upwards, jumping off just before the creature crashed into the ceiling of the Undersea, creating an opening for them to escape through.

They returned to Xebel to find Arion taking the mantle of High King. Before anything else could be said, Arion took the crown and donned it, but was immediately killed by the Lords of Order. Mera then went to crown Orin once more, but Orin insisted that it was Mera who satisfied the prophecy and was the rightful High King.

Later, La'gaan and Wyynde swam to the palace. La'gaan was glad Wyynde's doubts about Kaldur seemed unfounded, but Wyynde worried that would only lead Kaldur to take on even more. They reached the palace as Orin told Kaldur he wanted to return to the Justice League, Kaldur offered to relinquish the title of Aquaman, but Orin was confident the League could accommodate multiple Aquamen-including La'gaan. Kaldur then admitted it was time he took a leave of absence, much to Wyynde's relief.

Later, he relaxed at home with Kaldur and Delphis.[13]

He was among those considered as a possible Justice League reservist.[14]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Wyynde attended Conner and M'gann's wedding.[2]

Powers and abilities

  • Atlantean sorcery: Wyynde completed his education at the Conservatory of Sorcery. He has wave-like skin icons, which are invisible when he is not using magic.[7] He is able to make large hard water constructs, such as a giant seaweed.[10] He can also direct currents of water, as he did to divert the silt created when Aquaman was drilling through rock,[12] and to try to counter-act the crab monster's suction.[13]
  • Atlantean attributes: Atlanteans, although human, have through scientific and sorcerous means[4] developed several abilities which allow them to live comfortably under the sea:
    • Underwater breathing: All Atlanteans are capable of surviving the aquatic atmosphere under the sea. Some accomplish this without the presence of visible gills.[15][4]
    • Temperature resilience: Resistant to low temperatures[16] and the effects of freezing,[17] although notably hindered by high temperatures.[18]
    • Durability: Dense flesh, although not invulnerable.[19][4][20]
    • Strength: Ranging from undetected levels to super strength.[17][4][21]


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