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Young Justice: The Animated Series Book One – The Early Missions is the fifth trade paperback of the Young Justice spin-off comic series, collecting issues 0-13 and for the first time the 2011 Free Comic Book Day story "Face Your Fears".

It was released on October 2, 2019.

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In this new trade collecting issues #0-13 of the 2011 series plus the 2011 Free Comic Book Day story, the Justice League needs a covert team that can operate on the sly, so who better than experienced crimefighters Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad? Together with Superboy and the crush-worthy shape-shifting alien Miss Martian, these teens are ready to stop being sidekicks and start taking down their own villains—like the League of Shadows and The Joker—all on their own.

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  • This trade paperback reuses the cover artwork of Issue #0.
  • This marks the first time that a publication of the tie-in comics contains "The Animated Series" appended to the title. This was likely to avoid brand confusion with Brian Bendis's concurrent Young Justice comic series for the Wonder Comics imprint.

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