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Young Justice Vol. 4: Invasion is the fourth and final trade paperback of the Young Justice spin-off comic series, collecting issues 20-25.

Solicitation Edit

  • Based on the highly anticipated, all-new hit animated show from Warner Bros. airing on Cartoon Network, Young Justice: collects single issue, all-ages appropriate stories featuring the popular characters from the hit Cartoon Network show.
  • In this action packed collection, the Young Justice team adds to its ranks in an effort to battle the impending invasion by The Collector of Worlds, and one of the DC Universe's favorite villains, Braniac [sic].

Synopsis Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This trade paperback reuses the cover artwork of issue #20.
  • The solicit incorrectly identifies the Collector of Worlds and Brainiac as two different characters. While never explicitly stated in the issues, they are one and the same. It's possible that they mistook the Collector with Kylstar.
  • The back cover and cover gallery in the back both use the non-final cover art for "Players, Chapter Two: Directly to Jail", where Icon is not removed.

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