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Zatanna Zatara is a magician, a former member of the Team and currently a member of the Justice League. She is the daughter of Zatara and one of the rotating hosts of Doctor Fate. By 2020, Zatanna has taken three magical students under her wing: Thirteen, Khalid Nassour, and Mary Bromfield.


Zatanna has a rebellious nature: she has snuck out of the house multiple times with a duplication spell, and suggested that the Team "kidnaps" her to cover up her willing involvement in tracking down the missing Red Tornado. She is also quite comfortable with Robin's flirting, and shares his habit of removing prefixes from words.[1] She is compassionate and trusting towards others.[6] Her love for her father is greater than her sense of duty seeing as she broke away from the mission in an attempt to free Zatara from the Helmet of Fate.[7]

Physical appearance

A teenage girl with Italian roots, Zatanna has medium length black hair and bright cyan colored eyes with a slender build. Her magic allows her to change her clothing quickly. She wears a white single-breasted shirt with a tie (either white bow tie or a black bolo tie), a black jacket and a black skirt. Her other, more casual outfit is a pair of white or black pants with a light violet or dark red top and white or black shoes. She also wears white earrings.

On her first mission, she used a feminine variation of her father's costume, with a white shirt, bow tie and gloves, a low cut yellow vest, a black blazer, black mini-shorts with gray stockings and black boots reaching midway up her calves.[1] At age 19, she has grown noticeably taller and sports a curvaceous figure. Her mission attire is more alluring and her hair became wavier with strands hanging over her ears to frame her face.[4]


Early life

Zatanna was born in 1996 to parents Zatara and Sindella. As a toddler she was captivated by news reports of the new hero Superman. Growing up, she became close to Kent Nelson, who helped the family out while Zatara was busy as a hero and performer.

Zatanna's mother became ill with cancer, and eventually died from the disease in 2008.[8] After this, Zatara made more of an effort to spend time with Zatanna, and started to take her with him when he did perform. Zatanna sometimes joined her father on stage. She met Kent's great-nephew Khalid Nassour at one performance, and they performed some magic together backstage.[9]

Zatanna lived in New York City with her father,[10] and went to a Catholic high school.[11]


Mount Justice
October 10, 16:58 EDT

Zatanna with the Team.

Zatara introduced his daughter to the Team in the hopes of giving her a training session with Black Canary. The Team befriended her; especially Robin, who took an instant liking to her. As her father discussed affairs with Black Canary, Zatanna quickly realized the Team was having a psychic conversation, and called them out on it. Superboy immediately requested information about Red Tornado from Black Canary, but received no satisfactory reply. As a distraction, Zatara asked the Team to show Zatanna around the Cave.

During the tour, Zatanna deduced that the Team did plan on searching for Tornado, and suggested she'd come with, supposedly because they "kidnapped" her.[1]

Belle Reve Penitentiary
October 10, 18:35 CDT

Zatanna's powers of persuasion.

Out of ideas, Wally suggested interrogating Professor Ivo, Morrow's biggest competitor. Much to the surprise of the rest, Zatanna used a spell on him that made him reveal the location of Morrow's lab: Yellowstone Park.[1]

Yellowstone National Park
October 10, 20:22 MDT

The Team headed to Yellowstone, and set out to find Red Tornado. He found them, and quickly dispatched them. He sucked the air out of Zatanna's lungs, making it impossible for her to say a spell. She came to when Red Volcano took over. Robin then realized Zatanna was the card up their sleeve here; Volcano boasted knowing their every move because he had Tornado's memories, but Tornado was not familiar with Zatanna. She managed to distract the robot so Kid Flash could save Miss Martian from his clutches. The battle was won after Red Tornado, Red Torpedo and Red Inferno took on their younger brother, and held him down in the lava, melting him. The Team returned to Happy Harbor, while Zatanna feared that she's grounded for life by her father.[1]

Mount Justice
October 16, post-16:01 EDT

During the Team's psychic training scenario, Zatanna prepared herself to battle the alien invasion after the Justice League had been killed.[12]

Mount Justice
October 31, 19:34 EDT

On Halloween, Zatanna was invited by Miss Martian to her school dance, and arrived at Mount Justice that night. Zatanna was greeted by the Team and Captain Marvel, who had face paint resembling a zombie. Zatanna asked the Captain if the Justice League were having a Halloween party, because her dad hadn't mentioned it. Insulted and thinking that the Team did not want to include him, Captain Marvel went trick-or-treating, and announced he wasn't going to share his candy.

Observing Miss Martian and Superboy's flirting, Zatanna asked Artemis how long they had been a couple. Artemis however, was oblivious to their relationship, and upset, she stormed off. Zatanna pursued, apologizing, saying that she didn't realize Artemis didn't know. After Zatanna asked Artemis if she was still going to the dance, Artemis refused, and so they compromised with a "girl's night out".[6]

October 31, 19:57 EDT

Zatanna displays her powers in battle against Harm.

Zatanna and Artemis drove their motorbikes around in their costumes in Manhattan. After a while, they drove by the Museum of Natural History, which was overrun by policemen. Zatanna attempted to get Artemis to open up about her feelings regarding Conner and Megan, but she refused and they continued driving, taking down criminals, giving Artemis her chance to hit something. Soon after, they were attacked by a stranger named Harm, who wielded a powerful weapon called the Sword of Beowulf. He quickly deduced Zatanna and Artemis as the apprentices of Green Arrow and Zatara. Zatanna and Artemis were chased down by Harm, and were led to his apartment building by a strange girl who only said "Secret." Harm caught up with them, and knocked them unconscious with the Sword.

Zatanna and Artemis came to, and realized they were inside Harm's home, captured. Zatanna was placed in an old bedroom belonging to a girl, tied to a chair, and gagged with a piece of tape. Secret returned, and untaped Zatanna's mouth. She freed herself with a spell, and found out the room she was in was Secret's old bedroom. Next, Zatanna freed Artemis, and were once again chased by Harm. They were chased into his backyard, where Secret showed them a grave, with words written in the dirt saying, "Greta Hayes, Beloved Sister." Zatanna told Artemis Secret was Greta's ghost, and Secret showed how she died by flashing an image of Harm's dagger between her fingers.[6]

Artemis and Zatanna look at Abel's House of Secrets.

Harm confronted them once again. This time, Secret's ghost confronted him, and removed the orange ball of light on his chest where his heart was. He couldn't lift the Sword of Beowulf, and was knocked out by Artemis with a kick to the face. Zatanna cast a spell, ripping his coat up, and using it as ropes to tie his body up from hands to feet. She then promised Greta a proper burial. Before leaving as the police were coming, they looked at Abel's House of Secrets across the street, with a sign highlighted in purple light which reads "secret." Artemis stated that the sign, or specifically the last word, must have been the last thing Secret saw before her death.[6]

Mount Justice
November 5, 19:47 EDT

Zatanna continued meeting with the Team, though her father was not very fond of the thought of her joining. She just arrived in the Cave with Artemis when all of a sudden, all adults disappeared in front of their eyes.

At Robin's insistence, Zatanna used one of her father's locator spells. She was uncertain about her skills to pull it off, but successfully pinpointed the source of the magic to Roanoke Island.

Billy Batson arrived and explained to them what really happened: the world was split up in two dimensions by Klarion, one with adults and one with children. By changing back and forth to Captain Marvel, he was able to act as a relay. Batman and Aqualad planned a coordinated attack.[13]

Roanoke Island
November 6, post-00:01 EDT

With the Team on the losing end of the fight against Klarion and with no other options, Zatanna summoned the Helmet of Fate and allowed Nabu to possess her. However, as the Helmet exists in both dimensions, Nabu had trouble maintaining contact with only half a host.

Zatanna as Doctor Fate.

After Klarion taunted Doctor Fate that his host would die for nothing, the Lord of Order brutally overpowered the Lord of Chaos, and bound him. A combined spell with her father on the other side merged the dimensions back together.

Klarion got away, and Doctor Fate's insistence on not pursuing him led to some consternation among the others. However, Fate argued that chaos could not be destroyed, and he would need to establish himself on the Earthly plane permanently because the world needs him. He initially refused to give up Zatanna's body as his host, but Zatara offered his instead, and Fate accepted. After taking off the helmet and realizing what her father had done, she tried to stop him, but it was too late.[13]

Mount Justice
November 7, 09:16 EST

Batman made sure that Zatanna's affairs were put in order. He offered her a place in his house, but she chose the Cave because she felt that moving into a new home with a new family would be akin to giving up on her father.[14] Zatara would remain her legal guardian, though Batman, Black Canary and Red Tornado shared parental duties. She finished the first semester of her freshman year[15] in her old high school in New York,[16] and decided to transfer to Happy Harbor High School in January.[17]

The Team helped Zatanna move into the Cave, in a room next to Miss Martian's. Though she was glad about the help and friendship, she just needed some time alone.[13]

Mount Justice
November 11, 16:05 EST

Now with the Team full-time, Zatanna had some trouble blending in. Robin and Artemis tried to make her feel at home, which worked a bit. She was, however, still unfamiliar with a lot of things, like mission briefings from Batman, and did not know what the Watchtower was. With the nation in an artificial snowstorm, Batman sent Zatanna with the other girls to destroy one of five mysterious ice fortresses.[18]

Ice Fortress-3
November 11, post-16:05 EST

Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow, with their protégés, destroyed the ice fortress's defensive turrets; a spell from Zatanna brought it down.[18]

M'gann consoles Zatanna.

Mount Justice
November 25, 10:25 EST

Zatanna and M'gann were preparing Thanksgiving dinner, with turkey, pie, and salads. After Wally left to celebrate the feast with family, Zatanna started crying, as she missed her father and remembered how they celebrated Thanksgiving together. Though she claimed the tears were from cutting onions, M'gann stopped cooking to console her.[19]

Mount Justice
December 1, 16:16 EST

Kid Flash told Zatanna it was Robin's birthday. She decided to surprise him with a kiss on his cheek.[20]

Mount Justice
December 5, 17:04 EST

Zatanna, M'gann, and Conner did not go on a mission with the others, thinking it would be better to get some rest. It wasn't long before they were bored, and asked Red Tornado if he had any other missions for them. He turned them down, telling them to amuse themselves, before flying into his apartment. Zatanna questioned what Red Tornado actually does in his apartment since he does not require it for basic human needs.

When Tornado left shortly after, the trio broke into his apartment. They were shocked to find an android. Red Tornado suddenly arrived and demanded an explanation as to why they were there, and when he got one, he told them he built the "John Smith" android in the hopes of mingling with humanity better. Zatanna remarked that the android was good-looking, but needed pants.[21]

Mount Justice
December 6, 03:21 EST

When the rest of the Team returned from their mission, Zatanna witnessed a falling out between Red Arrow, Kid Flash and Artemis about the failed mission.[21]

Washington, D.C.
December 30, pre-09:16 EST

Shortly before Red Arrow was to be officially inducted into the Justice League, the Team took a group photo in the Hall of Justice's library.[22]

Washington, D.C.
December 30, 09:16 EST

Zatanna and the others, including their new teammate Rocket, watched the induction of new League members from inside the Hall of Justice. Zatanna still had some problems coping with Doctor Fate's possession of her father, but Robin was nearby to offer solace.[23]

Smokey Mountains
December 30, 10:48 EST

Responding to an alert that Cheshire was spotted at the Asheville airfield, the Team tracked her to the Smokey Mountains. The plane had crashed, but it was a trap. A force field was lowered over the valley, leaving them no escape. Zatanna first created a snowstorm in the bubble to allow them some cover, and then took down Riddler with ease.[23]

Mount Justice
December 30, 15:45 EST

Batman seemingly berated the collective team for going rogue again, then congratulated them for the capture of the supervillains. Shortly after, Superboy, Artemis, and Miss Martian confessed that they were in contact with Lex Luthor, Sportsmaster, and Queen Bee respectively, all of whom were blackmailing them and instructing them to go to Santa Prisca.[23]

Santa Prisca
December 30, post-17:57 ECT

After Superboy, Artemis, and Miss Martian revealed their true allegiance to the Team and not the Light, the rest of the Team helped ambush the villains. Zatanna and Robin took on Bane, but the powerhouse was out of their league. Zatanna was slammed to the ground, but managed to cast a spell that created several illusions of Robin. It distracted Bane, and allowed Robin to cut off his Venom line.[23]

Mount Justice
December 31, 07:16 EST

Batman informed the Team that the mole is Red Arrow, a clone of Roy Harper created by Cadmus as a sleeper agent; the real Roy would likely be dead. As Batman left, Zatanna got a mystic vibe off him. She got the same feeling with Red Tornado, who had mysteriously powered down. They found Starro-tech in his palm, and decided to investigate. Miss Martian, Superboy, Artemis and Aqualad went off to look for Red Arrow, while the others prepared to transfer Red Tornado's consciousness into the John Smith android. Black Canary arrived at the Cave and attacked them. After she was taken down, the Team left with the Super-Cycle. During the trip to catch up with the others, Red Tornado explained how the entire Justice League was placed under Vandal Savage's mind control.[7]

Zatanna tries to release her father.

The Watchtower
December 31, post-23:16 EST

The Team infiltrated the Watchtower and took out several heroes. Zatanna took down Captain Marvel by forcing him to blurt out his magic word. After her teammates left, she attempted to remove the Helmet of Nabu from her father, only to be electrocuted in the process.[7]

The Watchtower
January 1, post-00:00 EST

Zatanna made it to the central hall shortly before midnight, where she found Savage and Klarion had just disappeared. The clock struck New Year, and after Kid Flash and Artemis, and Superboy and Miss Martian kissed, Zatanna decided to do the same with Robin. He was surprised at first, but gave in quickly.[7]


Zatanna made an agreement with Nabu that he would leave Zatara's body every year for one hour, so that they could spend time together. Both father and daughter thought that agreement was not fair enough. Nabu said that they should be grateful that he allowed it at all. As promised Nabu left his host every year just for one hour.[24]


Mount Justice
February 17, post-20:20 EST

Zatanna arrived in the Cave just as the Team was debriefing their last mission with Batman and Helena Sandsmark. Based on a description of glowing symbols, she posited that techno-sorcery, and thus Klarion, could be involved. Nightwing asked her to locate the epicenter of Klarion's magic, and though she mused on the situational differences with the last time she did it first, she succeeded. She found out he was in Bialya.

Mount Justice
February 18, 09:59 EST

Zatanna joined the rest of the Team in grieving Aquagirl's death in the Cave. She also attended Batman's debriefing of the fatal mission.[25]

Mount Justice
December 1, 08:55 EST

Zatanna and Rocket were eventually inducted into the Justice League. On their way to their first meeting, they stopped by the Cave to wish Nightwing a happy birthday. In front of everyone, she kissed him on the lips. At his request, she also repeated her birthday wishes backwards. After Rocket gave him a more modest kiss, they left for the Watchtower.[20]

December 1, 13:45 EST

Zatanna was one of a number of Leaguers to respond to the emergency in Metropolis. She attempted to breach the force field surrounding the city with a spell, but failed. When Alpha Squad arrived, she told Nightwing that only visual communication through the field was possible.[26]

December 1, 14:01 EST

Zatanna listened with the others as Red Tornado reported on the whereabouts of the other Leaguers, including Doctor Fate, whose whereabouts were unknown.[26]

December 1, 16:28 EST

As Martian Manhunter and Flash attempted to communicate with the alien ship, Zatanna and Alpha Squad hovered next to them, concealed within a glamour bubble created by her.[26]

December 1, post-17:54 EST

Alpha Squad successfully entered the Collector of Worlds's ship through a hatch that was opened to expel Martian Manhunter, Flash and Atom.[27]

December 1, 18:20 EST

Safely shielded from view thanks to her glamour, Zatanna and the rest of Alpha Squad made their way through the corridors of the ship. Blue Beetle asked her many questions, and her answers made him realize how big the situation was. Their conversation was cut short when they found a room with alien cities, stored in bubbles.[28]

December 1, 18:31 EST

Nightwing planned to come back for the alien cities later, and focus instead on finding the culprit. The Collector of Worlds had found them instead; he drained Zatanna's glamour, and when she noticed it, there was not enough time to put up a new one. They were all given an electroshock by the alien.[28]

The Collector's Ship
December 1, 18:32 EST

The Collector continued his attack on Alpha Squad.[29]

December 1, 18:33 EST

Zatanna was still knocked out. Blue Beetle and Sphere managed to counterattack.[29]

The Collector's Ship
December 1, 19:01 EST

Alpha Squad regrouped and attacked the Collector, but the alien put up a forcefield. Just then, those who were on Kylstar's vessel were teleported in, as well as the Flash, Atom and Martian Manhunter, and they made quick work of the alien.[29]

December 1, 19:03 EST

The heroes and villains were cornered by dozens of new coludroids. Zatanna watched as Nightwing and Captain Atom persuaded the Collector to cease his attack.[29]

December 1, 22:03 EST

With Metropolis restored to full size, the heroes gathered in the park.[29]


Washington, D.C.
January 3, 17:06 EST

Zatanna and Rocket arrived at the Hall of Justice where they were asked questions by Cat Grant. Catherine Cobert told Grant they had no comment.[4]

The Watchtower
January 3, 17:08 EST

Zatanna and Rocket arrived at the Watchtower for a briefing on Lobo, the Kroloteans, and the Zeta-Beam technology of Adam Strange. After the briefing, Zatanna spoke with Nightwing, Miss Martian, and Superboy, reminding them they still had an invitation to join the Justice League if they wished.[4]

New Orleans
January 4, post-21:59 CST

After Gamma Squad saved hostages from the Kroloteans, Zatanna arrived on the scene with the rest of the Justice League members and the Team.[4]

The Watchtower
February 13, 21:50 EST

Zatanna watched the activation of the Zeta-Shield from the Watchtower's observation deck.[30]

The Watchtower
post-February 20, 03:24 EST

Zatanna was present when Batgirl presented Doctor Fate with recordings of an ancient temple she and other Team members had found in Bialya. Fate translated the hieroglyphics, revealing an ancient ritual to cleanse a scarab. Unable to perform the human ritual himself, Fate began to prepare Zatanna to perform it, but it would take months for her to learn it and make it work in concert with her powers.[31]

Mount Justice
March 20, 03:58 EDT

Zatanna was one of the Team members, past and present, who had come to mourn after they had been told of the death of Artemis. Despite the fact that Nightwing faked Artemis's death using a Glamour Charm that Zatanna had given him, she was not in on the secret.[32]

Dakota City
March 21, 18:17 CDT

Zatanna attended Raquel Ervin's bridal shower with all the other female members of the Justice League and the Team. Raquel expressed some doubts about the party so soon after Artemis's death, but Zatanna and Megan knew Artemis would not want the party to be canceled. They toasted to her.

Captain Cold planned to rob a nearby armored car, and to that end, encased the entire street, as well as the café where the party was, in ice. Rocket used her belt to free them, and with a spell, Zatanna gave them all their hero outfits. Cold's defeat was quick.[33]

Washington, D.C.
April 1, 21:24 EDT

Zatanna was at the Hall of Justice with Captain Marvel, Superboy, Miss Martian, Mal Duncan and Bumblebee, unpacking the belongings they managed to salvage from the destroyed Mount Justice. Their unpacking was interrupted by L-Ron, who encased the Hall in a force field, and announced the arrival of his master Despero. Despero hit Captain Marvel back inside the Hall, which put Zatanna on high alert. She prepared a spell, but Despero used his mental powers to render her mind blindfolded. She was unable to move. Bumblebee tried to shock her awake, but it had no effect.

With Despero winning the battle against the heroes and having subdued Superboy and Mal, Miss Martian was able to reach Zatanna telepathically, snapping Zatanna out of her trance. She recited a spell which allowed her to possess Mal Duncan's body, then another spell that reversed the effects of Despero's third eye, putting him into a trance instead. After L-Ron set off an explosion that caused the Hall to tumble down, Zatanna levitated to get out of the way of falling debris, but was relieved to discover that the others were all right, thanks to Captain Marvel.

Captain Atom arrived and he and Captain Marvel were unsuccessful in their attempts to remove the force field. Zatanna told them her magic didn't work either and suggested they try digging their way out, but the Reach ambassador arrived and used a device to remove the force field.[34]

The Warworld
May 27, 06:36 UTC

Zatanna guarded the Warworld's key chamber along with Plastic Man and Green Arrow.[35]

El Paso
June 13, 20:40 MDT

Blue Beetle was ambushed by Batgirl and Impulse, an ambush meant to fail. Rocket and Zatanna stayed back, and waited until Blue Beetle had taken both of them out. Rocket used a force bubble to contain Blue Beetle, and Zatanna reinforced it so Blue Beetle could not find an escape. Zatanna then released Batgirl and Impulse.[31]

June 14, 05:19 UTC+2

The Team took Blue Beetle to a Bialyan temple Batgirl had discovered months earlier. It was guarded by Devastation, Mammoth, Shimmer and the regular army, and Rocket had a hard time avoiding them because she had to focus on maintaining her bubble. When they reached a temple beneath the base, Rocket placed Blue on a dais in front of Zatanna, as she was going into a mystic trance. Green Beetle arrived, but the Team kept him busy, while Zatanna summoned Isis's powers. Zatanna, with the power of Isis, prevented the Reach from controlling Blue Beetle's and Green Beetle's bodies. On the way back, Zatanna, Batgirl, and Robin debriefed Blue Beetle.[31]

June 20, 08:16 EDT

When magnetic field disruptors planted by the Reach threatened the Earth, Zatanna joined 39 other heroes of Earth in a briefing in Metropolis City. The heroes would use a computer virus provided by Lex Luthor to safely disable the disruptors. The heroes were paired off with another into twenty squads: one member would run interference against weapons guarding the disruptors, allowing the other to get close enough to plant the virus.[36] Zatanna was assigned to Pi Squad, and worked alongside Batgirl.[37]

Within thirty minutes, all squads had succeeded in their mission.[36]


Nabu continued to grant his agreement with Zatanna for every year.[24]


The Watchtower
July 27, 19:57 EDT

Zatanna was present during the briefing held by Kaldur on the Watchtower. At the meeting, a part of the League led by Batman and Green Arrow walked out and formed their own team. Zatanna stayed with the main team.[38]

August 01, 10:38 EDT

Zatanna met Doctor Fate for their annual arrangement to talk to her dad for one hour at the park. As Fate took off the Helmet, Zatanna hugged her dad with tears of joy. They sat on the swings together while Artemis and Violet watched them. When the hour came to an end, Zatara put the Helmet of Fate back on, wishing that they had more time together, but if they were to talk any longer, Nabu would end their deal and she would never be able to talk him. As Fate left via a portal, Zatanna fell to the ground, with Artemis there to support her.[24]

Santiago de Cuba
December 21, 10:13 CST

Zatanna helped the Outsiders on a mission against Klarion and his Project Rutabaga. She arrived at the warehouse in Cuba using a glamour spell to conceal her identity, but it was not enough to conceal herself from Klarion, who was able to see past it. Zatanna instructed Beast Boy and the others to handle their enemy, a monster comprised of meta-human teens, while she worked on a spell to reverse Klarion's magic on them.[39]

Tower of Fate
December 21, 13:23 EST

After the monster was dealt with, Zatanna teleported herself and Klarion inside the Tower of Fate, where Klarion was unable to escape from.[39]


On January 25, Zatanna trained Thirteen at the Tower of Fate.[40]

Star City
February 14, post-18:04 PST

Zatanna received a call from a desperate Artemis pleading for Zatanna to raise Wally West's ghost. They met at Grant Park, with Zatanna bringing M'gann and Raquel as well. Though she explained she could not raise Wally's spirit, Artemis insisted, threatening to go elsewhere if Zatanna did not help. Reluctantly, Zatanna agreed to send Artemis to limbo so she could meet Wally half-way. She warned Artemis that everything she saw would be imagined and very powerful. In fact, Zatanna's spell was just a lightshow, and M'gann used her powers to create a playground in Artemis's mind where she could work through her grief on her own. Artemis eventually emerged from the "spell" satisfied. Zatanna later admitted the subterfuge to Raquel.[41]

The Watchtower
February 15, post-18:35 EST

Zatanna watched the news coverage of the Outsiders/Team mission in Markovia alongside Rocket, Shazam, Red Tornado and Black Canary.[42]

The Watchtower
February 24, 19:00 EST

Zatanna was present during a meeting of the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders and Batman's team, where all splinter teams were moved back in the fold and Black Lightning was unanimously voted new League leader.[42]


On February 23, Zatanna was training her protégés, forcing her to miss Conner and M'gann's bon voyage party.[43]

May 13, 20:20 EDT

Zatanna conducted a training exercise for her students, having them trap a group of Trogowogs she released. The trio succeeded in capturing six, but Zatanna noted that they missed three. After sending the Trogs away, Zatanna critiqued each of her student's performances, but also reassured them they were doing well, and were in fact her best students.[5] While doing so, Zatanna had the idea that she and her students could possibly become alternating hosts for Doctor Fate, freeing her father.[2]

Shortly after, Zatanna and her students all sensed a wave of mystic energy, but had no idea what caused it. Zatanna took her students to a carousel and flew them all on the seats to Harlem to meet a friend. They landed outside the entrance to Madame Xanadu's parlor, and narrowly missed being hit by a school bus. They went inside and ere welcomed by Xanadu. Khalid Nassour heard music from outside that wasn't there before, leading Xanadu to inform them that they are now in New Orleans.[5]

New Orleans
May 13, 22:43 CDT

Zatanna explained that the parlor has many doors, but is in New Orleans. After Xanadu explained some of her backstory to the students, she told them she knew about the mystic pulse, and was able to give them the last known location of its cause, and created a portal to send them there. Xanadu reminded Zatanna that she required payment, which Zatanna provided. Xanadu then gave Zatanna a warning; whatever the pulse was, it was unlike anything she had experienced in this lifetime.

Zatanna and her students went through the portal, and emerged at Fine Jewelry, and found a body that had been magically dissected and displayed. Klarion arrived shortly after, and attack the group. Zatanna summoned a magic shield, and had her students pool their power into her, but it was insufficient. Mary Bromfield was able to knock Klarion back briefly, and Khalid attacked Teekl at Zatanna's direction, but Klarion overcame them. He created clones of himself and they began to strangle Zatanna and her students, but a strange sound called Klarion, forcing him to leave before killing the group.[5]

May 14, 00:01 EDT

Zatanna and her students recovered after the battle with Klarion. Khalid used his powers to heal their bruised throats. The Stranger appeared and explained that Klarion is facing a battle with another Chaos Lord. Zatanna was incredulous at the suggestion they should help Klarion, thinking that chaos fighting chaos is a good thing. The Stranger sent her to the battle to gain perspective.[44]

Roanoke Island
May 14, post-00:03 EDT

Zatanna watched from the nearby trees as Klarion and Child fought. Klarion was easily outmatched, as Child was backed with the power of all the other Lords of Chaos. Ltaer Etrigan the Demon arrived, much to Zatanna's surprise, and joined the battle, attacking Flaw and Child, with little success. Child lifted a massive slab of the earth up and dropped it on Klarion, causing massive damage and flooding, bisecting a nearby town. When Klarion emerged from the ground, Zatanna was struck by a rock and knocked into the water. She held on long enough to see Klarion teleport away, and Child and Flaw follow him, before sinking and passing out. Zatanna was rescued by her students, and Khalid healed her injury. She admitted to the Stranger that she had gained a new perspective, and that they would need more help.[44]

Roanoke Island
May 14, 03:20 EDT

Zatanna told the Stranger to take Jason Blood and go on a recruiting tour, before summoning an ankh portal and taking her students through it.[45]

May 14, 03:22 EDT

They arrived in the sitting room of the Tower of Fate. Doctor Fate arrived with a bolt of lightning and demanded Zatanna and her students leave. Zatanna refused. Fate told her he knew why she was there and had no intention of helping Klarion. Zatanna explained that she understood his logic, that she had shard it, but that the battle was so destructive that they had to stop it rather than waiting for the outcome. Zatanna wants to have Fate confront Child, allowing her students to strike from the shadows. Fate was dubious about her students' ability, so decided to test them. He teleported them away and summoned portals that allowed he and Zatanna to watch their progress. They watched as each student was confronted with their inner doubts and insecurities. While each student struggled at first, all overcame their issues and re-emerged in the sitting room. Zatanna said they had proved themselves, but it didn't matter to Fate; he still had no intention of intervening. Zatanna continued to argue with Fate, but before he could respond, they were interrupted by a doorbell. They watched through one of Fate's portals as Klarion pleaded for help at the front door, only to be confronted by Child and Flaw. Flaw killed Teekl with ease, causing Klarion to leave the mortal plane. Fate, Zatanna and the students looked on in shock.[45]

May 14, 05:21 EDT

Child attacked the Tower, easily destroying it. Zatanna cast a spell of protection just in time to prevent Fate, the students or herself from taking any serious harm. Zatanna wakes in the rubble of the Tower to find Mary drawing power from the other students and using it in a failed attack against Child. Child then left to continue her mission. Zatanna ran to Fate, unconscious after being attacked by Flaw, concerned for her father. She was shocked to see the Helmet of Fate was cracked.

Fate awakened and assured Zatanna that Zatara was well enough. Zatanna got Fate to concede that Child needed dealing with and that he might possibly need help. Zatanna urged him to call on the Lords of Order for more power but Fate refused, and created a portal for them to pursue Child. After taking a moment to magically refresh herself and her students, Zatanna followed him through.[9]

May 14, 19:47 AEST

They emerged in Sydney, to find the city devastated by a volcano at the base to a pillar of fire. Child had been and gone. The group debated staying and helping, but Fate and a suddenly there Stranger argued that they needed to prioritize stopping Child. The Stranger had already summoned others to help the disasters created by Child. Zatanna reluctantly agreed, and the group set off through another portal.[9]

May 14, 05:49 EDT

They arrived in Manhatan. child was already gone, having left a pillar of fire and an area of reversed gravity. Other heroes, and even Wizard to Zatanna's amazement, were helping, so the group moved on.[9]

May 14, 07:50 UTC-2

The group emerged into a bubble to witness the biggest pillar of fire yet. Mera was dealing with it, and the group moved on.[9]

May 14, 17:51 NST

The group arrived in Taipei to see demons emerging from the base of another pillar of fire. Etrigan and Blue Devil were fighting them, and the group moved on.[9]

May 14, 15:22 IST

The group arrived in Agra to find another pillar and a blizzard freezing the city. No one was yet there to help, prompting Traci to want to stay, but Zatanna insisted they stick with the plan and move on in pursuit of Child.[9]

North Pole
May 14, 09:55 UTC

The group arrived at the North Pole, but found no pillar; they had finally caught up with Child. Zatanna and her students pooled all their power into Fate, who unleashed an almighty attack on Child, to no effect. Child summoned a pillar of fire, easily disrupting the heroes' efforts, then trapped Fate in a fist of ice, before leaving. Zatanna was horrified to see her father trapped, and did not notice a school bus teleport in.[9]

North Pole
May 14, 10:00 UTC

Klarion, who had possessed the school bus to anchor himself to the mortal plane, attracted the attention of the heroes, as Fate freed himself. Zatanna got Fate to, reluctantly, agree to help Klarion, and the group boarded the bus.

As the bus flew through time and space, Klarion insisted he needed a new familiar before they could do anything else. Zatanna reassured one of the children on the bus that they would get them back to their own time. Mary wondered how they could trust Klarion, and Zatanna admitted they could not, but had no choice.[2]

May 14, 22:50 EDT

They arrived at the Old Salem Animal Shelter. Zatanna and her students brought out several cats to Klarion, but he eventually chose a stray from off the street as his new familiar, allowing him to take human form once more. Zatanna assured the occupants of the bus they would be back for them, before going with Fate, Klarion and her students to fight Child.

Fate, Zatanna, Klarion and the Sentinels emerged at the ruins of the Tower of Fate. Zatanna immediately cast a glamour to make her and her students invisible, before Fate conjured a summoning circle. Child and Flaw appeared, and soon attacked Fate and Klarion, who initially had no trouble deflecting her attacks. Child used Fate and Klarion's attacks to power a pillar of fire, but Mary drew power from it, distracting Child. This left her open to an attack from Khalid, but she easily overcame it and revealed Zatanna and the students, before knocking them down with an energy blast.

Suddenly Child's pillar went out; she had lost the backing of the other Chaos Lords. She was still a great threat, however, and summoned fire rain, which Zatanna blocked with a magic shield. Child ordered Flaw to kill the mortals as she dealt with Fate and Klarion. With Zatanna maintaining the shield, it was up to Mary to hold off Flaw, but she required more power, and began to draw it from her companions and everything else around her. Flaw threw a rock and knocked Mary out, but before he could do more, Leroy and Traci noticed Flaw's flaw, and Traci targeted it, destroying him and banishing Child from the mortal plane. Klarion quickly departed, and the others all congratulated Traci. Fate admitted the students had impressed him, and Zatanna agreed they had showed great potential.[2]

May 15, 00:01 EDT

Zatanna finished explaining her plan to have rotating hosts for Doctor Fate to Khalid and Traci, before turning to talk to Mary. Mary was very upset not to be included in the plan, viewing it as a punishment. Zatanna explained that Mary was too drawn to power and thought too much like Nabu. Fate was drawn to the argument, forcing Zatanna to explain her proposal to him: Fate would have rotating hosts; Traci, Khalid, Zatara and herself would each wear the helmet for one week before passing it on to the next host. Fate was open to the idea, but Mary was furious. Zatanna offered to work with her more, but Mary demanded to be sent home. Afterward, Nabu agreed to the proposal, but Zatara did not. He removed the helmet so Zatara could argue, but Zatanna convinced him that she was no longer the little girl he had tried to save, and that she could bear the burden. Khalid then took Zatanna aside. He told her he was in, but had questions; why had she let Mary do what she did and only punished her later, was Traci really sure what she was getting herself into, and had Zatanna taken the students on with the intention of using them to free her father? Zatanna didn't answer, but did remind Traci that she was under no obligation to do this, but could make her choices. Traci agreed. Khalid took the helmet, allowing Zatanna and Zatara time together.

The group went back to the bus. Zatanna urged all the occupants to seek help for the trauma they experienced, and gave the driver Dinah Lance's card. Before Fate sent them back, Zatanna took a moment to cast a spell and see what the people on the bus had gone through. She was shaken by what she saw. After Fate sent the bus back and left, Zatara asked her is she was okay. Zatanna told him that she had seen Conner's ghost calling out for help during the bus's journey.[2]

Following her vision, Zatanna has enlisted the help of Madame Xanadu to contact Superboy's spirit, but despite their efforts have been unable to contact or locate his spirit for several months.[46]

August 27, 20:30 EDT

Atop the rebuilt Tower of Fate, Zatanna received a call from Madame Xanadu telling her that her search for Superboy's spirit had failed. Zatanna was confident she could find another way to search. Doctor Fate removed the Helmet of Fate, releasing Zatara. After hugging her father, and asking if he had convinced Nabu to help them, Zatanna donned the helmet.[46]

September 03, 00:00 EDT

After threatening Nabu with no peace, he agreed to help find Conner's spirit and gathered a number of other powerful magic users around the bell of the Tower of Fate. They attempted a ritual to find Superboy's spirit, but failed. Inside the helmet, Zatanna wondered if their failure meant that Conner was not dead at all.[46]

El Paso
September 04, post-20:09 MDT

Zatanna visited Dick backstage after he performed as Dan Danger for Haly's Circus. She asked for his help as a detective.[47]

September 05, 19:15 EDT

At the warehouse, Zatanna explained her belief that Conner was still alive. Though she showed him her vision, Dick was still dubious but agreed to look into it for 24 hours. They quickly found that Kid Flash had also gone missing, and decided to look into that as it might be connected. Dick soon found two strangers in shop security footage with Bart the day before he disappeared, and found that the same pair had been spotted with Clark Kent months before.[47]

September 05, 19:48 EDT

Zatanna and Dick went to speak with Clark at Bibbo's Diner. Zatanna cast an aural glamour to protect their conversation, but Clark was unwilling to offer any details on the mystery duo except that he trusted them.

At the warehouse, Zatanna vented her frustration at Clark, while Dick wondered, since they had seen Bart shopping for supplies, what else he might have needed.[47]

The Watchtower
September 05, 20:56 EDT

Tigress helped Nightwing and Zatanna check the inventory records of the Watchtower. They found several items were missing, with the security footage revealing they were taken by the now missing Kid Flash.

Dick and Zatanna took Artemis to the warehouse, where they explained their theories about Conner still being alive. Artemis was dubious, but when Dick talked about Bart preparing to go to space, she told Dick about the League's recent mission to New Genesis.[47]

Dakota City
September 05, 20:24 CDT

Dick, Zatanna and Artemis went to Raquel's apartment to discuss her recent mission. After Zatanna magically accessed Raquel's memories and shared her vision of Conner, the group was convinced Conner was in the Phantom Zone. Zatanna had a plan to help him, but needed more people.[47]

Nightwing and Rocket brought Aquaman to the warehouse to gain his help.[47]

September 06, 00:16 EDT

At the Tower of Fate, the group anchored Zatanna's spell to summon Klarion. Zatanna had hoped to compel him to bring Conner out of the Phantom Zone, but Klarion was more willing to enter the Tower than expected and fought them using twisted versions of their own powers, casting backwards spells to fight Zatanna's. Zatanna was able to force Klarion to honor his debt to her by invoking the Lords of Chaos. He did so only by sparing their lives, mentioning the school bus as he left. This inspired Zatanna to think of a Plan B, if Nightwing could find the bus.[47]

September 09, 19:47 EDT

Nightwing traced the bus to a scrapyard. They found the bus had been compacted into a cube. Zatanna summoned some Trogowogs to rebuild the bus, bribing them with Dick's SUV and Chicken Whizees, to Dick's dismay. The Trogs rebuilt the bus as promised, and Zatanna cast a spell to create a portal in the bus door. The squad donned space-belts and entered the portal.[48]

The Phantom Zone
September 13, 21:34 UTC

The group found Superboy at Fort Krypton, but were ambushed by Dru-Zod and his followers after they approached him. Zod attempted to persuade and, later, force the group to take him out of the Zone. Superboy was unwilling to go with them due to his Zone-Sickness, and Zatanna could not force him out. Nightwing's squad was outmatched by Zod's forces. The group was able to escape thanks to a glamour spell.

Soon after, a boom tube opened up. Zod decided to go through with Superboy and two others, leaving the rest behind until he knew it was safe. Nightwing's team observed from a nearby rock and determined that no more Kryptonians should be allowed to exit.[22]

The Phantom Zone
September 14, 00:04 UTC

Faora Hu-Ul returned through the boom tube to gather Zod's army, but the tube closed shortly after. Zatanna and the squad prepared to leave, when a new boom tube opened. Hidden with a glamour, the group moved toward the boom tube, but the tube warped the glamour, revealing them to the Kryptonians. They fought them off, using the narrow opening of the boom tube to their advantage. After Nightwing went through the tube to see where it went, the rest were faced with a Devourer summoned by the rage of the Kryptonians. The Devourer forced them back into the tube, but was too big to follow them. Faora attempted to get through the tube, using the Zone's intangibility to pass through the Devourer, but was stopped by the team midway, where their usual powers and abilities were reinstated.

The group planned to hold the tube from this position, but they ended up under attack from both ends after Lor-Zod came back through from the Earth end of the tube. Rocket created a force bubble to protect them and block the tube. The boom tube began to destabilize due to being held open so long, and the team's attackers fled. Zatanna created a portal to take them back to the school bus.[49]

September 14, 00:16 EDT

Zatanna, Tigress and Kaldur emerged back on the bus, but Rocket didn't make it.[49]

September 14, post-05:46 EDT

The group took the school bus into battle against Dru-Zod and his forces at Planet Circle. Zatanna used magic to enable the bus to fly and render it invisible. It rammed into Lor-Zod, but was later destroyed by the Emerald Empress. Everyone was able to get off safely beforehand. Zatanna took on the Empress, but was outmatched by the Eye of Ekron. Zatanna switched focus, and used magic to cure Superman of his Kryptonite poisoning. Soon after, Dru-Zod threw Kaldur into her, knocking both out. Ultimately, Zod's group was defeated, with each member either forced to flee or sent into the Phantom Zone. Superboy's mind was restored, and Rocket returned during the battle.[50]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Zatanna was a bridesmaid at Conner and M'gann's wedding. She conjured the wedding music.[50]

Powers and abilities


Zatanna using her magic to change her clothing.

  • Magic: Zatanna has a natural affinity for the mystic arts,[13] and is able to manipulate magic in many ways and forms. Imitating her father's spellcasting, she says her incantations backwards (for example, "magic" would be pronounced "cigam"). She can also lay enchantments on objects and sense when certain levels of mystic forces are at play.[32][7] There does exist limits to her magical abilities;[1] for example, Zatanna affirmed that she doesn't have the power to raise the dead.[41]
See also: List of Zatanna's spells


  • Multilingualism: In addition to English, Zatanna can speak Italian and some high school French.[51]


  • Helmet of Fate: She put on the helmet during the Team's battle against Klarion, after he segregated the world's children and adults into two separate dimensions. In order to free her from the helmet's control, Zatara took her place as its new host.[6] She later arranged to become one of four rotating hosts for Fate, donning the helmet for one week out of every four.[2]


  • Concentration: When saying a magic spell, Zatanna must concentrate fully in order to say and perform it correctly or else the spell simply won't work. Sometimes making small errors will interfere with the performance.[1]



Main article: Zatara

Zatara was very protective towards his only daughter when she was a child; he was not comfortable with the fact that she was growing up. He eventually sacrificed his body to Nabu, so his daughter could live her own life.[13] Even under the Helmet's control, Zatara remained very protective towards his daughter.[19] She once tried to free her father from Nabu, but he was too powerful, and she was forced to give up.[7] Nabu eventually allowed Zatara to take the helmet off for one hour a year to allow them to spend time together, though father and daughter both agreed it was not enough.[24] In 2020, after the battle with Child, Zatanna convinced Fate to take on four rotating hosts (Zatara, Zatanna, Khalid Nassour and Thirteen), each wearing the helmet for a week. This would allow father and daughter to be together two weeks out of every four.[2]


Main article: Robin/Nightwing
Main article: Nightwing and Zatanna

Ever since the two first met, they showed an interest in each other.[1] He has, on occasion, offered his support to deal with the absence of her father.[13][23] She gave him a peck on the cheek for his birthday after being informed by Kid Flash of the date.[20] Zatanna also comforted Robin when he was upset over the possible death of Speedy. She again initiated a kiss and embraced with him on New Year's, as per the tradition.[7] Sometime after the Team's first year, they have dated, and though they broke up, they are still on very good terms with one another, displayed by a passionate kiss between them on his nineteenth birthday and still enjoy flirting with her each other.[20]

By 2020, Zatanna and Dick continue to share a close relationship to the point she trusted him enough by revealing her suspicions that Conner is still alive and sought his help. They worked together to uncover the truth behind his disappearance and after confirming Conner's survival and learning he is trapped inside the Phantom Zone, Zatanna holds faith in Dick's deductions when he begins to unravel more of the mystery.[47]


Main article: Artemis

Artemis and Zatanna have a good relationship, with Artemis almost immediately accepting Zatanna to the Team, even before she officially joined.[1] Zatanna reciprocates this friendship, going out with Artemis on Halloween after Artemis learns about Miss Martian and Superboy were a couple. They grew closer that night and have become close friends.[6]


Background information

  • In DC Comics, Zatanna is much older, and has been retconned as a childhood friend and occasional romantic interest of Batman. She has been a member of the Justice League, the Sentinels of Magic, the Grant Morrison version of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and more recently, Justice League Dark. Her father Zatara is deceased and was not a member of the Justice League in the comics, instead appearing as a backup story character in multiple titles beginning with Action Comics. Her mother (also deceased) was a homo magi sorceress named Sindella.
  • This is Zatanna's fourth animated appearance. She first appeared in the DCAU (Batman: The Animated Series, Gotham Girls, Justice League Unlimited), Zatanna: Trial for the Crystal Wand and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


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