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Zone-Sickness is an illness that affects people in the Phantom Zone. It causes hallucinations of people and places the sufferer knows. Dru-Zod claims it affects everyone who enters the Zone, but can be overcome.[1]


Dru-Zod suffered from Zone-Sickness after entering the Phantom Zone, but learned to overcome it.[1] Superboy suffered increasingly vivid and disturbing hallucinations while in the Zone, and feared he was losing his mind,[2][3] before being completely taken in by the hallucinations, until Zod found him and offered him help.[1] Due to his long exposure to Zone-Sickness, Superboy had gained amnesia and was unable to remember anything besides his original Cadmus programming, but gradually begins to regain his memories.[4] Although he was beginning to recover, Superboy still suffered from lingering effects, often confusing his memories and hallucinations together.[5]

Known sufferers



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