Tony Zucco is a Gotham City crime boss.

Physical appearance Edit

Zucco is a caucasian man with a lean face and high cheekbones. His hair is black. He has a small gap between his incisors, and liked to chew on toothpicks.

At least once, he wore a dark blue suit with a white shirt and red tie, and a wide rimmed fedora.[2]

History Edit

Early life Edit

Tony Zucco ran a protection racket and tried to extort money from Jack Haly. After Haly refused, Zucco had his men sabotage the circus rig on April 1st, 2006.[3] The victims of this revenge were the Flying Graysons on the trapeze act. Dick Grayson, the youngest, lost all his family, and eventually became Batman's partner in crime-fighting, Robin. One of his first acts in costume was to bring Zucco to justice.[2]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • In current continuity, Tony "Fats" Zucco was a mid level crime boss working for the Maronis who wanted to use the circus to smuggle contraband across state borders.

References Edit

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